Airbus Atlantic, a global player in the field of aerostructures, has passed an important milestone in order to ensure the development of a performing talent pool for its future recruitments.

The company has recently formalised a series of partnerships with 15 schools located in its employment pool, during an event at Nantes airport on 17 January. The objective of these partnerships is to offer training and apprenticeship opportunities for the future blue-collars, men and women, so as to continue to pioneer a sustainable aviation serving a safe and united world.

These partnerships demonstrate the engagement of the company for the development of future talents. They also show how important the training of young people is for Airbus Atlantic, through a dynamic and inclusive approach, fostering diversity within the teams.

Finally, the partnerships between Airbus Atlantic and these 15 schools are a positive step towards building the future of the company, as they enable to connect, as early as today, with young learners (students, working students...) who will be the talents of tomorrow.


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