Airbus’ shareable data platform continues to gain popularity among airlines

Digital data opens new horizons in the aerospace industry – and Airbus is leading the way with its Skywise platform, which improves aviation players’ operational performance and business results. In addition to the airlines already benefitting from Skywise, more carriers have signed agreements to use it on their fleets of Airbus-built aircraft. Spring Airlines, China’ largest low-cost carrier, signed an agreement with Airbus to enhance its operations with the cloud-based Skywise Core – becoming the first mainland Chinese user of the platform. This airline currently operates an all-Airbus A320 fleet with more than 80 aircraft.

Sri Lankan Airlines and Go Air also have signed agreements with Airbus to incorporate Skywise Core in their operations. Go Air is the platform’s first Indian customer and plans to use it to reduce operational interruptions and maximise aircraft utilisation and flight operations – which will benefit the airline’s existing fleet of about 50 aircraft and the future deliveries. 

With Skywise, Sri Lankan Airlines will anticipate maintenance tasks for its A320 and A330 fleet, allowing this carrier to track and analyse operations and performance data. The data will benefit the airline’s current fleet of 30 aircraft as well as those on order.

By applying Skywise Core, the users will be able to integrate their own operational, maintenance and aircraft data into the Skywise cloud, where they can store, access, manage and analyse selected Airbus data together with their own information and global benchmarks without additional infrastructure investment. This will provide new insights at multiple levels – aircraft, fleet, company and global – while allowing them to enhance operations through access to the manufacturer’s expertise and global fleet context.

A shareable data platform

Skywise is an enterprise data platform enabling digital collaboration across the aviation ecosystem by capturing information from all upstream processes, including design, engineering, manufacturing and maintenance support. It is accelerating digitalisation in aerospace by providing players across the sectors with the data and capabilities they need to make better decisions – and making the data sharable, accessible and transparent, creating value for customers.

A platform of choice for airlines, Skywise has already welcomed more than 60 carriers on board, some 20 months after launch. Spanning Americas, Asia, Europe and Middle East, Skywise’s international ambition is fully confirmed.

We are redefining the way that the aviation industry operates by harnessing the incredible data playground we have created.

Matt Evans, Head of the Skywise Programme at Airbus

The platform directly benefits airline customers; for example, Japan Airlines dramatically decreased the time spent on collecting data – giving engineers more time to perform analysis, leading to higher aircraft reliability. With Skywise, Bangkok Airways’ on-time performance went up from 53% in 2017 to 93% in 2018 – while Latin America’s LATAM reduced mechanical issues leading to delays from 24% to 15% by identifying repeated issues, anticipating occurrences and taking preventative action.

In Japan, All Nippon Airways developed more than 20 workflows on the platform – including risk analysis, brake issues reporting, warranty processing and material management – allowing better data-driven decision-making and creating a positive financial impact. Skywise was leveraged by the AirAsia Group to create dynamic centre of gravity targets leading to reduced fuel penalties and making significant financial savings.