As part of its digitalisation, Airbus provides its teams and suppliers with a tool that ensures business continuity and facilitates exchanges between the various stakeholders.

Airbus’ Direct Procurement (Flying Parts) solution is a shared, single strategic space for buyers and suppliers across all Airbus entities to perform all aspects of Calls-for-Tender (CFT) – from the identification of potential suppliers to the selection of successful parties.

The ePROC Next Generation  allows buyers and suppliers to exchange requirements and proposals online throughout the bid process. Data can be exchanged between the parties via the web in a secure, structured and controlled way.


  • New interface for enhanced user experience 
  • Single entry point for suppliers’ information  and  documents
  • Secured online solution for data exchange between buyers and suppliers


1. Invitation to Call-for-Tender

The supplier receives an email with a link to participate in the Call-for Tender event and connect to the Airbus Direct Procurement Solution with their registration details.

2. Prerequisites

Once the supplier has been registered in the solution, he can join the event content page and needs to click on "Verify prerequisites".
The supplier must accept the general conditions and provide some documents depending on the Airbus division. 
In order to access the rest of the content, the buyer must accept and validate the prerequisites, and the supplier will receive an email notification to continue the process.

3. Submit the response

The supplier can now access the rest of the event content by clicking on "Submit a response" on the left. The supplier can complete all the questions and provide all the needed information. Once all mandatory information is completed, the supplier can click on "Submit the response".

4. Supplier selection and bidder notification

Once the supplier selection phase is done, the buyer performs the bidder notification. The supplier receives either the award letter or the non selection notification letter.

5. Contract and negotiation process

If the supplier is awarded, the contract and negotiation process begins. All the actions to perform are described in the email notifications.

How to register to Airbus Direct Procurement Solution?

The buyer makes a supplier registration request and invites the suppliers to a call-for-tender project. 

The suppliers will then receive an email notification to create their account and provide some information that will be verified by Airbus. 

Once approved, the suppliers will be able to participate in sourcing events and will access the Airbus Direct Procurement Solution through ePROC Next Generation.

All registered suppliers can access all procurement tools through the Airbus Partner Portal, following prior registration.

Further Assistance

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