What is Click n'Source?

Click n’Source is the Airbus sourcing solution that will keep you up-to-date on sourcing events you will be involved in. You will have access to key details and deadlines that will enable you to answer calls for tenders. You will also be able to exchange with the Airbus Community.

How to access Click n'Source?

If you are invited to a sourcing event, you will receive an email with all useful information to get access to the sourcing event.

Training manual

Contacts for Customer Care

For any issue with the application, please contact Airbus Customer Care:

Telephone: +33 1 76 21 72 09

Email: support.clicknbuy@airbus.com

Important notice: The Airbus support agent will create a ticket to record and work on the request. The ticket number should be retained to track the request status and receive optimal support.

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