ePROC strategic procurement is a shared, single strategic space for buyers and suppliers across all Airbus entities to perform all aspects of Calls-for-Tender (CFT) – from the identification of potential suppliers to the selection of successful parties.

The tool also allows buyers and suppliers to exchange requirements and proposals online during the bid process. Data can be exchanged between the parties via the web in a secure, structured and controlled way, even enabling military CFTs.

How to access eProc?

Once registered, return to the ePROC strategic procurement portal: https://eprocstrategic.airbus-group.com/

How to use eProc?

These documents show how to use ePROC strategic procurement and provide answers to frequently asked questions:


Further Assistance

If you need support or information related on your ePROC account (creation, update), please reach the dedicated team:

For a password reset, please check first the dedicated "password link".

If you can access Airbus Information System using OneLogin and:

  • are unable to reset your password by yourself using the "password link"
  • have problems bidding on an event you have been invited to 
  • have generally technical problems

please reach the Airbus ServiceNow portal and click on the Virtual Agent icon on the very lower right part of the portal homepage.

It allows you to:

  • access the knowledge base where you can browse and search for articles to answer your questions or solve issues on your own with a powerful research tool
  • raise an incident to notify a problem you are facing with the application

If you cannot find expected help using hereabove material, you can contact the Customer Care: dial +33(0)1 57 32 48 95. Or send an e-mail to: support.eproc@airbus.com.

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