Under the name of BorderCore, the Security Solutions portfolio includes both new and legacy technical components and infrastructures with concepts of operation and adapted processes. Services needed by our customers for long-term sustainable operation and life-cost optimisation such as simulation, training, maintenance, local operational support and know-how transfer are all part of the BorderCore portfolio.

Capability Pillars

Photo of a parked flatbed truck carrying an Airbus shipping container.


Integrated Surveillance Solutions - 24/7 high-quality surveillance - Solutions adaptable to costumers needs - Integration of Airborne/Space based surveillance platforms

A view of personnel and systems in a border security command and control centre.

Command and Control

Establish an accurate real-time picture of the situation - Assess the threat - Evaluate risk & resources - Make appropriate decision - Organise & lead action

Border patrol personnel scan vehicles for threats using Smart Fences capabilities.


24x7 mission readiness for mobile forces - Support border guards in countering all kinds of threats coming by land, sea or air - Smart Fences, equipped with sensors to detect intrusion attemps and alert intervention teams - Fast and effective response

BorderCore - Service Capabilities

Configure & Maintain: Build the optimal system for your needs with through-life support for all operations and maintenance of the system. 


- Training & Simulation: Learn and improve with our training and live monitoring capabilities.

Persistent Security

Illegal migration, illegal trafficking of goods (drugs, arms, etc.), terrorist attacks, piracy: In order to fight against all these threats, Airbus Defence and Space offers our customers an end-to-end range of solutions. With its vast experience in providing reliable, mature and cost-effective products and services which fit customer needs, one company stands out amongst all others in the successful implementation of large integrated land and maritime border security projects. That company is Airbus Defence and Space.

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