Airbus has always been a worldwide leader for spacecraft design and manufacturing but developing satellites for large constellations demands revolutionary approaches. Airbus innovates across design, production, and assembly to dramatically optimise costs for high-performance space applications.


With the more than 600 OneWeb satellites launched, Airbus is the first and one of the only satellite manufacturers in the world to complete a telecommunications satellite constellation.

Starting from a strong heritage of traditional geostationary satellite assembly methods, Airbus implemented a unique assembly line in Toulouse (France) and in Merritt Island (USA) and a groundbreaking procurement supply chain.

Based on this heritage, Airbus developed the ARROW platform to adapt it in a variety of Low Earth Orbit missions including communications, Earth observation, M2M/IoT, maritime, and aero applications

Airbus has leveraged resources and expertise across the entire company to rise to the constellations challenge and will provide satellites to government and commercial customers in several countries. Airbus is also strongly involved in defining and developing future constellation projects.

Constellations 2

Key Benefits:

  • Based on common building blocks, production and industrialisation
  • Design to manufacture expertise
  • Large range of missions available for Low Earth Orbit applications
  • All-in-one satellite or platform only solutions
  • Spacecraft are designed to support multiple mission configurations
  • End-to-End System support for constellation design and optimisation


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OneWeb Cleanroom

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