OneSat is revolutionising the telecoms satellite market because it opens up a new world of possibilities. Unlike earlier satellites, which are designed for defined missions, OneSat can be fully reconfigured while in orbit – and it is capable of adjusting its coverage area, capacity and frequency “on the fly” to meet evolving mission scenarios. It is a clever mix of the best of our Eurostar family and our mega-constellation expertise.  


Airbus expertise = disruptive technology


OneSat is based on a standard, modular and design-to-manufacture approach, and can be delivered more quickly than existing telecoms satellites and at a reduced cost. Additionally, OneSat responds to future challenges by enabling the adoption of new technologies while the satellite is in orbit – on a highly dynamic, rolling basis. 

OneSat is a trusted solution around the world

Inmarsat was the first customer to select the OneSat solution, signing a contract for production of this global communications operator’s next-generation Ka-band satellites – Inmarsat GX7, GX8 & GX9 – in 2019. Featuring on-board processing and active antennas, the three Ka-band spacecraft will be able to adjust their coverage, capacity and frequency.

Australia’s leading satellite operator, Optus, has also selected OneSat – choosing the product line for its Optus 11 spacecraft to deliver a combination of broadcast and broadband VHTS missions in Ku band over Australia and New Zealand.

In 2021,  Intelsat announced the contract for two OneSat satellites operating in multiple frequency bands for the communications satellite services provider’s next-generation software-defined network, with Airbus delivering an end-to-end fully-integrated solution.

In addition, SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation, the main satellite operator in Japan, has selected Airbus to provide a turnkey solution, including design and manufacture of the Superbird-9 spacecraft, associated services and support for in-orbit operations and ground segment, as well as an advanced digital suite to manage the digital payload and operate the end-to-end satellite resources. It marks the first time a Japanese telecommunications operator has ordered a satellite from Europe.



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