Energy segment

Designed with the support of oil companies and helicopter operators, the H175 offers cost competitiveness, performance and new standards of safety and comfort, and is an ideal workforce airlifter for offshore transportation.

The H175 can operate at its full payload in 90% of the world’s oil and gas destinations. It provides the best payload range-per-passenger/radius-of-action (RoA) in the medium-class helicopter category.

With 16 passengers aboard in an oil and gas configuration, it can fly out to distances of 170 NM radius of action (RoA), increasing to 220 NM RoA when 12 passengers are carried, with no auxiliary fuel tank required.

In a higher-density configuration, it can transport as many as 18 passengers up to 130 NM RoA while being compliant with the latest Offshore Helicopter Recommended Practices’ IOGP Report 690.

With this performance, the H175 offers best in-class cabin volume and competitiveness at the lowest MTOW while delivering payload and range without compromise.

The H175 also has a high power margin in one engine inoperative (OEI) conditions. The helicopter can conduct Performance Class 1 takeoffs and landings at MTOW (maximum takeoff weight) in ISA+20°C conditions from a 75 ft.-high platform. 

Passengers benefit from the high level of comfort in terms of space, light, low noise and vibration levels, making the H175 a benchmark new-generation helicopter for transport duties.

Pilots will appreciate the rotorcraft’s superior level of automation, such as the Airbus Rig’N Fly automatic rig approach function, the intuitiveness of Helionix® and its advantages in situational awareness.


Public services and search and rescue

The H175 is the multi-purpose answer for public services and as the first responder in search and rescue missions.

With more than 30 certified cabin layouts with easy role-change, the H175 is capable of performing missions that include:

·         Law enforcement;

·         Border patrol;

·         Search and rescue (SAR);

·         Emergency medical services (EMS);

·         Firefighting;

·         Government and VIP transport;

·         Utility


In public services operations, the H175 is a high performer, offering the greatest endurance (more than five hours), longest range, and highest cruise speed in its class, with a standard fuel tank capacity of more than two tonnes.

Its highly-capable automatic flight control system – which evolved from the proven automatic flight control system (AFCS) on Airbus’ H225 – offers exceptional hovering precision and stability.

For SAR duties, the rotorcraft can be configured with a SAR operator’s console, cabin-mounted medical equipment, an external winch, oversized bubble observer windows to assist the search process, and a search and weather radar, among other equipment. A side-mounted searchlight, along with up to six under-fuselage lights, provide area illumination, which are completed by main- and tail-rotor lighting for use when maneuvring near obstacles.

For law enforcement missions, the H175 is ready for both day and night operations with night vision goggle (NVG) capability, searchlight, and forward-looking infrared imaging. Its large cabin is suited to a variety of missions, while large doors facilitate easy egress. Fast-roping and rappelling on both sides of the aircraft and a chin-mounted electro-optical system offer additional operational advantages.

Long-distance inter-hospital transfer flights are well within the H175’s EMS capabilities. A Class 1 high-speed double hoist aids in the critical pick-up of patients, while the spacious four-metre-long cabin with a full flat floor facilitates the use of stretchers. Flexible cabin arrangements include a cabin-cockpit separation curtain and a medical wall, while direct access to the large rear cargo compartment aids rescue operations. A Sea State 6- certified emergency floatation system and a drip tray give added protection during water rescues. The night vision-compatible cockpit allows for after-dark operations.

At maximum weight, the H175 can perform a hover out-of-ground effect (HOGE) at ISA+20°C up to an altitude of 5,800 ft. It also has a high power margin in one-engine inoperative (OEI) conditions. These margins constitute an important guarantee of safety during hoist operations and enable the H175 to maintain hover flight or a rate of climb better than 500 ft./min. in ISA+20°C conditions at sea level.
The highly-rated turboshaft engines enable long and safe hoists to be performed with the possibility of extending power up to 30 minutes, continuously, and up to 50 minutes, cumulatively, during one flight.


Private and business aviation

The H175’s variant for private and business aviation – designated the ACH175 – is Airbus Corporate Helicopters’ most luxurious, spacious and exclusive offering, providing a jet-like experience and outstanding comfort in a business rotorcraft.

Designed in collaboration with major helicopter operators, the ACH175 is the definitive modern aircraft suited to the most demanding environments.

With the ACH175 and Airbus’ other corporate helicopter versions, the company provides best-in-class corporate and VIP transport solutions – including tailored completions with top-quality materials and craftsmanship, as well as the highest standards of customer care and service.

  • Visit the ACH website for more information on the ACH175 and the Airbus Corporate Helicopters product line.

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