With 40 years of experience and several hundred supplemental type certificates (STCs) developed for it – plus optional equipment proposed by Airbus Helicopters – the H125 is a true multi-mission rotorcraft capable of changing its configurations in minutes.

Aerial work

The H125 can easily be reconfigured for various aerial work missions with a wide range of optional equipment to get the job done, whatever the environment and mission requirements.

Missions include air crane operations, firefighting, power line inspection, crop spraying, news gathering, parachuting, geological and wildlife survey, farming and fishing activities, etc.

Already the preferred choice of aerial work operators for its cost-effectiveness, operational simplicity and superb performance, the H125 brings enhanced aerial work capabilities together with increased performance and visibility, facilitating pilot workload during external load operations.

The H125 is capable of performing the most rigorous high and hot missions, able to transport an impressive sling capacity of 1,400 kg / 3,086 lb. Increased performance in high and hot environments has been certified to improve hover ceiling OGE (out-of-ground effect) at maximum takeoff weights (MTOW) up to 12,600 ft. (and up to 13,900 ft. when outfitted with the BLR FastFin® tail rotor enhancement and stability system). For external loads at 7,000 ft at ISA, operators can gain up to 140 kg. (309 lb.) (up to 190 kg. (419 lb.) with the BLR FastFin®). 

The H125 can be equipped with a “lean” instrument panel and maximum pilot view kit or additional dual roof windows for increased visibility.


Law enforcement

Day or night, the H125 is up for the job with its excellent manoeuvrability, as well as specialised police equipment and STCs. Fast, agile and simple to use, the H125 is operated by police forces in some 30 countries around the world and is the reference for airborne law enforcement in the United States.

The H125 is well adapted for multi-role law enforcement missions including surveillance, command and control, search and pursuit, rescue, special operations, escort and border patrol in high and hot conditions.
A range of equipment options has been developed for use on police missions, such as law enforcement instrument panels, searchlights, electro-optical systems (EOS), operator consoles, light sourcing and instruments that are compatible with night vision goggles (NVG), wire strike protection, loudspeakers, downlink relays, rappelling systems, etc.

H125 law enforcement

Passenger transport

With its wide, unobstructed cabin, fast cruise speed and long range, the H125 can accommodate up to six passengers and the pilot. The helicopter offers easy cabin access through two wide sliding doors, which is facilitated by the forward-facing seats and three baggage compartments.

To attain its maximum range with all seats occupied, the H125 can be fitted with a dual hydraulic option which increases the internal MTOW to 2,370 kg. / 5,225 lb.

Private and business aviation

Airbus’ ACH125 version – which is based on the company’s proven H125 rotorcraft and tailored for private and business aviation – outclasses all other single-engine helicopters, bringing the product line’s reputation for reliability, tailored support and outstanding performance.

  • Visit the ACH website for more information on the ACH125 and the Airbus Corporate Helicopters product line.

Emergency medical services

As a market-leading helicopter in the single-engine emergency medical services (EMS) market, the H125 offers enhanced cabin space with multiple medical kits that are adaptable to operators’ needs, along with outstanding performance.

When configured for vital lifesaving and emergency medical transportation, the H125 can carry up to four persons (one pilot, one patient and two attendants), plus medical equipment.

H125 in focus


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