Hyderabad, March 22, 2022: Airbuswill unveil wide-ranging employment opportunities for leading-edge engineering and IT professionals at a recruitment event at the Wings India airshow here on March 26 and 27, 2022.

Senior company officials will attend the ‘meet-and-greet’ event at Stand 12 in Hall A at Begumpet Airport, where jobseekers can learn about Airbus, inquire about career opportunities with the company and apply for open positions.

Airbus India is actively recruiting to fill positions in avionics software, aircraft system simulation and airframe structures. Additionally, opportunities also exist in digital technology roles such as cybersecurity, API development, Full Stack Development, Big Data, Cloud and DevOps and IoT.

“India’s strength lies in its talent, its ability to scale volume and the presence of perhaps the largest engineering and Information Technology partner ecosystems in the world,” said Suraj Chettri, Regional Director - Human Resources, Airbus India & South Asia.

“We will continue to tap India’s talent to contribute to our global programmes. I am confident that India’s world-class talent and research and development will power the future of the aerospace sector.”

Fully integrated into the company’s global network, Airbus India’s engineering operations are a key resource hub for capabilities in structural analysis, loads, aerodynamics, avionics software design and testing, system simulation, digital mock-up and system installation. Airbus India is also ramping up focus on in-sourcing core capabilities across Product Life Cycle and ERP solutions as well as digital capabilities such as Big Data, Internet of Things, Cloud and Cybersecurity. Today, parts or technology developed in India has become a critical factor in the production of all Airbus commercial aircraft.

The company supports about 7,000 jobs in the country and is set to raise the number of engineering and IT positions to more than 2000 by end-2022, as part of its growth strategy for India that foresees capacity building to address future requirements, including in sustainable and decarbonisation technologies. The recruitment plan for India is in line with Airbus’ growth forecast of around 6000 new hires worldwide across the group.

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