Volotea, the Barcelona-based airline, has chosen Airbus to train all its pilots following the signature of an exclusive five-year contract. The training, which will commence in January 2020, includes Type-Rating* as well as long-term Recurrent** training linked to Volotea's growing fleet of Airbus A319s – which will exceed 50 aircraft in 2023. The organisation of the training plan is currently on-going, paving the way for the “go-live” next year.

Volotea’s trainees will benefit from long-term use of Airbus’ full-flight simulators – located throughout Airbus’ Training Centre Network – and will be taught by a pool of expert pilot instructors, drawn from both Airbus and Volotea. The flexible training scheme will benefit from the cross-fertilisation of both Volotea’s and Airbus’ respective expertise and standards. To this end, the airline is initially inducting four of its pilot instructors into Airbus’ training regime, while in parallel, Airbus is aligning around 20 of its own instructors in collaboration with Volotea’s operational requirements. As the airline progressively expands its A319 fleet, the size of the joint instructor pool is expected to commensurably increase. Volotea has selected the Airbus A319 as the model for its planned fleet expansion.

Airbus Services provides state-of-the-art training solutions to ensure safe, reliable and economically-efficient operations on all Airbus aircraft throughout their lifecycle. Airbus is on-hand to offer support every step of the way. A comprehensive and tailored training portfolio is designed and developed by Airbus for airline pilots, cadets, cabin crews, performance & operations engineers, maintenance personnel and structure & repair specialists.

Note for editors:

*Type-Rating is the certification of an airline pilot to fly a certain aircraft “type” (in this case the Airbus A319) which requires additional training beyond the scope of the initial license and aircraft class training.

**Recurrent Training – which is often performed within an airline – is a long-term / ongoing activity for professional pilots. Such periodic training is required to enhance their aviation knowledge and skills, train on new equipment or avionics and to learn new and revised regulations and procedures. These periodic checks are also a regulatory requirement to keep a pilot’s license valid.

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