· Bringing optimised maintenance turnaround time and maximising added-value for airlines and lessors during grounding time;

· Combining Airbus engineering expertise and digital capabilities with MRO industrial experience;

· Gathering members from all continents covering capabilities on the full range of Airbus aircraft;

· Agreements already signed with leading MROs.

Airbus has launched Airbus’ MRO Alliance (AMA). Going forward this will a key part of Airbus’ strategy to grow efficient and high quality services worldwide, and to address the increasing demand for MRO services forecast in the next 20 years.

The AMA will comprise MRO members with high standards and proven expertise in airframe heavy maintenance from around the world. By combining the industrial capacities of well-established MROs with the engineering knowledge and newly unveiled digital capabilities of Airbus, AMA aims at optimising heavy maintenance turnaround time and maximising added-value on the aircraft during the shop visit downtime.

The selection process to enter the alliance is based on specific and demonstrated criteria in terms of industrial capabilities, capacities, performance and quality. Each candidate member will be audited by an Airbus team in order for the MROs to demonstrate they comply with the Airbus standards of quality and high performance. To this end, the first agreements to be involved in Airbus MRO Alliance have recently been signed with a number of leading and globally positioned MROs: AAR, Aeroman, Sabena Technics, Etihad Airways Engineering, GAMECO and China Airlines.

Under the membership scheme, Airbus will support the participating MROs in the enhancement of their performance and will provide them access to a wide portfolio of services to deliver best in class customer solutions. This will leverage Airbus services such as FHS, upgrades and Satair Group parts capability. This collaborative environment will provide airlines with a ‘one-stop-shop’ for maintenance, SB and cabin embodiment and they can be offered “Part 145” turnkey solutions to minimize ground time and maximize value on their aircraft.

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