• Bringing innovative ideas to market quicker


Airbus has launched its global aerospace business accelerator where start-ups and Airbus “intrapreneurs” (internal entrepreneurs) can work together to speed up the transformation of their innovative ideas into valuable businesses. The launch in Toulouse was attended by Fabrice Brégier, Airbus President and CEO, Ed Steinike, Coca Cola SVP and Chief Information Officer, and Semyon Dukach, Techstar Boston Managing Director
As competition in the aerospace industry intensifies, Airbus aims to accelerate the pace at which it can commercialise innovative ideas drawn from within Airbus and outside, including from customers and other external partners. Airbus BizLab will support this strategy.
“New ideas and innovation are key to keeping Airbus at the forefront of the aviation sector. The challenge is to speed up the process of transforming the most promising ideas to life and this is the primary goal of Bizlab,” said Fabrice Brégier, Airbus President and CEO. “BizLab will give Airbus added business agility by helping us to harvest the best innovative ideas coming from different sectors and to bring them to market more quickly.”
The Airbus BizLab welcomes applications for acceleration programmes from entrepreneurs, start-up businesses and Airbus employees. A screening committee, which includes Airbus’s Chief Innovation Officer, Yann Barbaux, and the Head of the Airbus BizLabs , Bruno Gutierres, will select the most promising ideas. 
Airbus will offer early-stage projects wide-ranging support, in the form of a six-month “acceleration programme”. Through these programmes, Airbus BizLab will give access to a large number of coaches, experts and mentors in various domains: technology, legal, finance, marketing & communication; easing prototyping and access to market.  
In addition to the first Airbus BizLab centre in Toulouse, the next centre will open in Hamburg, Germany followed by India and other countries, creating a global network of Airbus BizLabs.
Airbus is a leading aircraft manufacturer with the most modern and comprehensive family of airliners on the market, ranging in capacity from 100 to more than 500 seats. Airbus champions innovative technologies and offers some of the world’s most fuel efficient and quiet aircraft. Airbus has sold some 15.300 aircraft to more than 370 customers worldwide. Airbus has achieved more than 8,950 deliveries since the first Airbus aircraft entered into service. Headquartered in Toulouse, France.