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Tokyo, 2 October 2023 – Airbus has become a member of Japan’s “ACT FOR SKY,” a voluntary organisation that works to commercialise, promote, and expand the use of locally-produced sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). 

Airbus will support ACT FOR SKY partners by providing technical information and cooperate on research and technology activities on SAF.

Airbus jointly performed the country’s first helicopter flight powered by SAF with local operator Nakanihon Air at Nagoya Airport in mid 2022. Building on this effort, Airbus has also been using domestically-produced SAF for helicopter test flights conducted at Airbus Helicopters Japan’s Kobe Airport Facility. 

Airbus will also transport helicopters or larger aircraft parts using Airbus Beluga aircraft powered with SAF. By entering ACT FOR SKY, Airbus intends to support the establishment of a resilient Japanese supply chain for SAF.

“We are delighted to have joined ACT FOR SKY. At Airbus we are committed to supporting SAF as a major lever in the reduction of CO2 emissions as part of the aviation industry decarbonisation roadmap to net zero CO2 emissions by 2050," said Stéphane Ginoux, Senior Vice President, Head of North Asia region for Airbus and President of Airbus Japan. 

“All Airbus aircraft, including military aircraft and helicopters, can already fly with a 50% SAF blend. We aim to make our entire product portfolio capable of flying with 100% SAF by 2030, acting as a catalyst to ready the ecosystem for a 10% global uptake by 2030.”

ACT FOR SKY with “ACT” representing the cooperation and collaboration by major Japanese companies committed to take “action” for goals – aims to raise awareness among citizens and companies of the importance of SAF, carbon neutrality and achieving a circular economy. Initially established by 16 Japanese companies in March 2022, ACT FOR SKY now consists of 31 companies including Airbus. To know more about ACT FOR SKY, visit https://actforsky.jp

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