• Creative and unique global hub system to prepare Airbus leaders for a changing world
  • More than 20,000 employees per year have access to key development programmes

Airbus Group (stock exchange symbol: AIR) today has inaugurated a main campus in Toulouse-Blagnac for the company’s newly established Leadership University, which is unique in its mission and international set-up.
Besides its core facilities in Toulouse, the Leadership University consists of a unique global hub system to provide tailored development and learning solutions for the Group's current and future leaders – from all functions and all levels, from top management to production. On an annual basis, more than 20,000 employees have access to a broad portfolio of development programmes, courses, conferences, team workshops and events to enhance their leadership and team development skills. The company’s aspiration is to reach out to every employee within the Group.
The University’s development programmes constantly encourage transversal collaboration and open innovation, involving entrepreneurs and start-ups in the development of its leaders. Linking leadership and innovation, partnerships with other companies, universities around the world ensures that leaders stay connected with the latest business practices and industry trends.
“We are preparing the future by developing our current and prospective leaders for the changing world and that means being fast, digital and innovative”, said Tom Enders, Airbus Group Chief Executive Officer. “We expect our leaders to be ready ‘for what’s next’. We want them to be more connected, inspired and inspiring, open-minded, curious as well as leading and developing their teams to collective success. With the Leadership University, we are creating an integrated and harmonised corporate culture of engagement, innovation and performance across the Group.”
Thierry Baril, Airbus and Airbus Group Chief Human Resources Officer, added: “The Airbus Group Leadership University is a creative hub where employees are encouraged to think outside the box and generate ideas that drive change. The University creates opportunities for the employees to develop, connect and share, reflect and learn, innovate and support a culture of collaboration within Airbus Group.”
Next to the Toulouse-based main Leadership University facilities, other campuses located close to the Group's sites around the world provide employees with the same development opportunities. Such campuses are currently located in Madrid (Spain), Marignane (France), Hamburg and Munich (Germany) and Beijing (China). Furthermore, the Airbus Group Leadership University will also have a presence in Paris, the UK, the US, India, Singapore and Latin America.
The Leadership University's flagship campus in Toulouse-Blagnac, located next to the A380 Final Assembly Line, totals 13,000 square meters. It includes an event centre, an amphitheatre, 12 large learning rooms, an administrative building and a restaurant. Large comfortable open spaces such as the lounge and the library area are located around a central plaza. Surrounded by gardens and a sports area, the campus offers a place for employees to discuss, brainstorm and share experiences. In addition, there is a hotel with some 150 rooms for employees.

The Airbus Group Leadership University – whose main campus was inaugurated in Toulouse, France – is unique in its mission, as well as its international set-up