Airbus spotlighted the suppliers of Buyer-Furnished-Equipment (BFE) for its jetliner cabin interiors, acknowledging those companies that achieved notable customer satisfaction levels in 2015 with awards given to these top performers during this week’s Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany. 
The suppliers recognised by Airbus were identified through the company’s Supplier Support Rating process, which captured in-service feedback from over 130 Airbus customers. 
Buyer-Furnished-Equipment refers to items selected and purchased by the customer when acquiring a jetliner, which is then installed in the aircraft. For cabin interiors, typical examples include passenger seats, galleys and in-flight entertainment systems. 
After processing the customer feedback, six BFE suppliers earned awards for their “Excellent” rating – Bucher Leichtbau, Jamco Aircraft Interiors Company, Kid Systeme, Recaro Aircraft Seating, Rockwell Collins Cabin Systems and Stelia Cabin Interiors – while four earned certificates for a “Good” rating: B/E Aerospace Interior Systems, B/E Aerospace Seating (Super First Class), B/E Aerospace Seating (Main Cabin) and Zodiac Premium Galleys. Presenting the honours at Aircraft Interiors Expo was Genevieve Laurens-Chassagne, Airbus’ Head of Supplier Support Management, Customer Services. 
The suppliers were evaluated based on the following criteria: the ability to provide continuously reliable equipment and associated technical support; effectiveness of operational support services, benchmarked against Airbus’ industry-leading supplier support standards; and customer feedback concerning cost of ownership. 
Improvement plans will be put in place where necessary to ensure that all suppliers bring the necessary level of support to Airbus operators moving forward.

At Aircraft Interiors Expo 2016 in Hamburg, Germany, Airbus acknowledged suppliers of Buyer-Furnished-Equipment for its jetliner cabin interiors for notable customer satisfaction levels achieved in 2015