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Commercial Aircraft
Airbus no longer maintains 2022 commercial aircraft delivery target, confirms financial guidance
Based on its November deliveries of 68 commercial aircraft and the complex operating environment, Airbus SE considers its target to achieve “around 700” commercial aircraft deliveries in 2022 to now be out of reach.
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The Helicopter Company signs HCare In-Service contract for fleet of six ACH160 helicopters
The Helicopter Company (THC), established by the Public Investment Fund (PIF) as the first helicopter services provider licensed to operate commercial flights in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has signed an HCare In-Service contract to cover its future fleet of six ACH160 helicopters.
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Swiss Air-Rescue Service Rega orders 12 additional five-bladed H145s for its mountain bases
The Swiss Air-Rescue Service Rega has ordered a second batch of 12 five-bladed H145 helicopters to be operated from its mountain bases.
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From the A350 to eyes on the stars!
Chosen from more than 22,500 applicants, Pablo Alvarez Fernandez was selected this month as a career astronaut candidate by the European Space Agency (ESA). He currently is the Airbus Project Management Officer in Getafe, Spain for the A350 commercial aircraft, and previously worked on the ExoMars Martian rover in the UK at Airbus Defence and Space.
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3D cut of the LHC dipole | Copyright: Dominguez, Daniel - CERN
Airbus and CERN to partner on superconducting technologies for future clean aviation
Airbus UpNext, a wholly owned subsidiary of Airbus, and CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, are launching a project to evaluate how superconductivity can contribute to the decarbonisation of future aircraft systems. The Super-Conductor for Aviation with Low Emissions (SCALE) demonstrator aims to promote the adaptation and adoption of superconducting technologies in airborne electrical distribution systems.
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Airbus finalises CJIP agreement with French authorities
The President of the Tribunal Judiciaire of Paris has approved the Convention Judiciaire d'Intérêt Public (CJIP) signed on 17 November 2022 between Airbus SE and the French Parquet National Financier (PNF).
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