A new era of hydrogen-powered flight is on the horizon


To get there by 2035, new propulsion technologies will need to be tested at record speeds. There is no time to spare: the future needs to start now.

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Airbus invests in world’s largest clean hydrogen infrastructure fund managed by Hy24
Airbus has joined the world’s largest clean hydrogen infrastructure investment fund, managed by Hy24 - a joint venture between Ardian, a world-leading private investment house and FiveTHydrogen, an investment manager specialising in clean hydrogen investments.
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Airbus to take up the hydrogen contrail characterisation challenge
Airbus UpNext, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Airbus, has revealed a flight test programme to study the contrails produced by a hydrogen combustion engine as part the Company’s ZEROe roadmap. The project, named “Blue Condor”, will launch two modified Arcus gliders, one equipped with a hydrogen combustion engine and one equipped with a conventional kerosene-powered combustion engine, in order to compare contrails emitted at high altitudes.
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How Blue Condor will accelerate Airbus’ first hydrogen-powered test flights
Blue Condor, launched by Airbus UpNext, is taking a modified glider up to 33,000 feet – an extreme altitude for an aircraft that normally cruises below 10,000 feet – to analyse hydrogen combustion’s impact on contrail properties. The result of this analysis will provide critical information on aviation’s non-CO2 emissions, including contrails and NOx, in advance of the ZEROe demonstrator flight testing.
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Introducing the ZEROe demonstrator

Unveiled in 2022, the ZEROe demonstrator uses an A380 multimodal platform to test hydrogen combustion technology.



Towards the world’s first zero-emission commercial aircraft