Our pioneering spirit is alive and well as we explore new, cleaner propulsion technologies. 

Today, zero-emission flight is closer to reality than ever before. At Airbus, we are committed to developing, building and testing alternative-propulsion systems – powered by electric, hydrogen, solar and even hybrid solutions that bridge more than one of these energy sources – to enable the aviation industry to reduce the CO2 emissions of commercial aircraft, helicopters, satellites and future urban air mobility vehicles.


Airbus Summit 2022 | 30 Nov - 1 Dec

Gathering pace towards sustainable aerospace

Sustainable aviation fuel

A proven alternative fuel for immediate CO2 reduction

EcoPulse™ is a distributed hybrid-propulsion aircraft demonstrator developed in partnership with Daher and Safran with the support of France’s CORAC and DGAC.

Electric flight

Laying the groundwork for zero-emission aviation



An important pathway to our zero-emission ambition


Solar flight

Harvesting the sun’s rays to power aircraft

Urban Air Mobility Vehicle - CityAirbusNextGen

Urban Air Mobility

Taking urban transport into the sky


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Autonomous Connected

Autonomous & Connected

Towards safer, more efficient and interoperable flight

Industry 4.0 A

Industry 4.0

A future-focused, intelligent and digital industrial ecosystem

Innovation Ecosystem A

Innovation ecosystem

Leveraging collective intelligence to deliver results


Disruptive concepts

A fresh approach to aircraft design & materials