Airbus Unmanned Traffic Management presents these use cases and publications proposing solutions that enable a safe  airspace for all aviation partners. 

Airbus UTM builds safe solutions for our future airspace with air traffic management body SESAR

SESAR Joint Undertaking and Airbus: partners in progress

Joint airspace safety

Airbus and Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) enjoy a longstanding relationship that contributes to an improved cross industry collaboration and a safer and progressively more sustainable airspace. 

Past and running joint projects with SESAR include flight efficiency and flight trajectory prediction with the aid of air traffic management expertise.

Airbus UTM uses 5G connectivity to build interoperable communication between drones and eVTOLs

UTM Lab pushing technology boundaries

Innovation in airspace

This Airbus programme conducts 4G and 5G network trials to evaluate the safety and performance of the technology for safety-critical communications within real-world environments in low level airspace.

An example trial is Motley Gateway, an algorithm solution that architects ‘indisruptable’ transmission of data payloads by incorporating redundancy into the UTM network access.


5G and unmanned traffic: a powerhouse tech opportunity

Innovation in airspace

Connectivity is a key enabler for unmanned vehicle systems to operate safely. 4G and 5G networks need to be tested for systems requirements and aerospace compatibility.

Airbus partners with external tech experts such as M1 to drive robust safety first solutions and keep in step with the exponential developments in this space.

Airbus and Boeing put forward this joint whitepaper and vision for airspace and traffic management.

A new digital era for aviation

Joint airspace safety

In 2020, Airbus and Boeing issued a joint whitepaper outlining a path forward for airspace and traffic management, stressing the need for a more modernised and scalable approach to air traffic management, with an underlying and continuous commitment to airspace safety.

The two aircraft manufacturers share a common vision of a future airspace where new and existing users safely operate within a single airspace system.

Fair access to our joint airspace, the topic of the joint Airbus Metron whitepaper

Open skies for all

Urban Air Mobility

As long as the skies remain relatively empty, access to airspace isn't a problem. But as drone operations scale up and urban air mobility applications become a reality, the need for fair and equitable access will  increase. In 2020, Airbus UTM and Metron Aviation put together a paper to outline what airspace fairness is, in a UTM context, and why it is important to start addressing it now.

Download ”Airspace Fairness Paper”


eVTOLS as a future mode of transport

Public perception of Urban Air Mobility

What does the general public think of future urban air mobility and electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles (eVTOLS)? To move the discussion into the public domain, Airbus UTM conducted this community perception study in 2019 that surveyed 1,500 members of the public around the world. They were quizzed on perception of safety, sound and visual impact, privacy and more.

Download the study

Premiering a future blueprint for our sky

A blueprint for the sky

Integration of autonomous aircraft

In 2018, after months of careful analysis by Airbus engineering teams a  concrete roadmap proposal for the safe integration of existing and new autonomous vehicles into  lower airspace was published. The proposals were reviewed by IATA, GUTMA, the World Economic Forum among others.

Download “Blueprint for the sky”

Download the Airbus UTM drone management simulation tool here.

Open source simulation tool for drone management

Sustainable traffic systems

Airbus UTM developed a dynamic tool in 2018, that can provide an estimate on the number of drones a region might see in a particular area given economics and other factors. 

The simulation tool can be applied to the entire aerospace industry, providing valuable data to inform industry standards and gain a global consensus on what the airspace of the future will look like.


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