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Onboarding FAQ

Onboarding tips and support

The most common questions related to your onboarding can be found here. Find helpful answers or good to know information to peacefully start your new job.

If you can’t find your answer in the FAQ, you can contact your HRBP, your manager, visit Help & support or refer to temporary agencies.

Human Resources


Find answers to common questions regarding Human Resources matters one might wonder.


If you’re unable to attend work, you have to inform your manager or temporary agency as soon as possible.

What’s the process if I’m sick?

Inform your manager and send the sickness absence to the Reward Local Team or your temporary agency.

Am I allowed to talk about work on social media?

Refer to the latest company guidelines available on our intranet in the Communication section (accessible from day1 from).



Find answers to common questions regarding MyPulse tool.

What is the myPULSE Onboarding dashboard?

The onboarding dashboard contains practical information for a smooth induction into a new team (Airbus sites information, info for day 1, personalized message from manager, people to meet, etc.).

You will be notified when your dashboard is available and provided with a direct access link. Please connect as soon as you are notified in order to check potential pending tasks on your side.

Indeed, you may need to provide some missing information (eg:bank details) impacting important processes, such as payroll. If you face any issues connecting to your dashboard, please contact us at HRDirect email.

How to access myPULSE Onboarding dashboard?

Click the following link to access:


What should I declare in my Onboarding dashboard?

First of all, you have to read and validate the 3 documents: code of conduct, payslip and employee savings.

Then, you must complete and validate the requested tasks & information. These steps are mandatory and need to be completed as soon as possible.
(Review contact information, name and personal information, add dependents, change emergency contacts, passport/visa, bank details...)

How do I change my bank details?

In MyPULSE, go to “My personal data” section.

How do I change my address details?

In MyPULSE, go to “My personal data” section.

First Day


Get ready for your First Day through these common questions and good to know information.

What should I do about lunch? Where does the team like to go for lunch? What time does everyone normally go?

Sites have canteens where you can have lunch with colleagues.


Is there a dress code?

There is no corporate uniform except in production areas where specific workwear will be provided when you arrive . Employees can wear any casual work clothes of their choice, respecting internal regulation agreements.

Is there someone on the team who could be my guide/mentor during my first few weeks?

A person will be nominated by your manager to accompany you in your 1st steps: the buddy. A Buddy is a colleague who partners with a newcomer during their first weeks of employment, with the objective of supporting integration and providing an insight into various networks.

At what time should I come to the office on the first day?

The HR service, manager or temporary agency, will provide clear instructions on the working hours. Foresee extra time for badge reception and car parking before arriving at your desk.


Who do I call if I’m running late?

You should contact your manager or temporary agency 

What’s my email address? Where can I find colleagues’ email addresses?

You will receive all the instructions for your first connection as well as your manager.


Where can I find information on the company?

Information available on the link.

Support & Contacts


Learn who you can contact to help you navigate your onboarding journey in case you have any further questions.

Am I missing information on my first day? Who should I contact?

You can contact your manager, HRBP or temporary agency.

For IT support, please contact  Service Desk:

Germany +49 30 31 17 40 44
France +33 1 57 32 48 05
UK +44 20 35 64 96 90
Spain +34 9 36 20 78 56 +44 20 35 64 96 90
Canada +1 514-855-5001 - 48666