Cybersecurity - a strategic priority

Airbus continues to strengthen its cybersecurity activities. To keep up with our quest for excellence and innovation, we created the Airbus Cybersecurity School to train our future talents in the early stages of their academic journey. We are offering the opportunity to follow a comprehensive and immersive cybersecurity work-study apprenticeship programme, which means alternating between being a student of the Airbus Cybersecurity School and being part of our operational teams (Digital & IM, Corporate Security, etc.).


Become a cybersecurity professional at Airbus

A unique cybersecurity training programme

Thanks to a cutting-edge curriculum, tailor-made for the aeronautic industry, you will obtain a dual technical and business skill set, which is rare on the job market.

An advanced technical training

You will discover the entire range of cybersecurity-related activities, with a focus on their application in the aerospace industry. This will open a range of learning opportunities in all Airbus business units.

A certified training programme

With professional specialists and experts in Cybersecurity within Airbus as teachers, we guarantee the excellence of our certification - Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (RNCP) 36929: Cybersecurity analyst in the aeronautical sector (level 6) - which is valid in France.


A world of opportunities opening up to you

A valuable certification

After one year, i.e. 666 hours, you will obtain the RNCP36929 certification: Cybersecurity Analyst in the Aeronautical Sector (Bachelor’s degree), after which you can extend your apprenticeship training for an additional two years with the Master’s programme (offered in partnership with Ynov Campus, Toulouse) or you can apply for a permanent employment contract within the company.

A personalised mentoring support

You will receive tuition-free advanced technical training and specific individual support through our mentoring programme, and get to be accompanied by internationally recognised experts.

A training on cutting edge products

Explore the aeronautical industry with our innovative products (satellites, aircraft, helicopters, drones) and benefit from learning opportunities in our business.

Bachelor 3 programme

Bachelor: Cybersecurity analyst in the aeronautical sector (Bac +3 level)

RNCP36929: Cybersecurity analyst in the aeronautical sector (level 6)

Name of certifier: Airbus Operations / Certification registration date: 29-09-2022


Programme objectives

The following competencies will be developed during this programme:

  • Apply Cybersecurity to aeronautics: Ensure Cybersecurity on all aeronautics information systems and production infrastructure
  • Contribute to Cybersecurity compliance: Deploy Cybersecurity standard rules & programming to secure information systems in the company 
  • Manage a secured information system: Manage IT security and production tools, systems, and softwares in the company 
  • Ensure the security of an information system: Identify weaknesses and related risks to support decision making and build remediation plan
  • Master the cybersecurity communication: Deploy Cybersecurity awareness and accompaniment to ensure security culture across the company 

Programme content

The programme is organised into three main streams addressing key topics such as:

IT Basics

Cybersecurity Foundations

Aeronautics -  Business - Management
Operating Systems
Software development
Web architecture
Identification & Authentication

Network & email security
Penetration tests & ethical hacking
Malwares & reverse engineering
Threat intelligence & OSINT
Security Audits
Airbus business acumen
Project management
Risk Management
Business English


Evaluation methods

Academic examinations are organised throughout the year in the form of continuous assessment. These evaluations can be in different formats (MCQ, quiz, oral presentation, case study, practical exercises, projects, etc).




Application process




This tuition-free programme is open to students with a baccalaureate (high-school diploma) plus two years of study in computer science or with a good understanding of this field.


As the classes are taught partly in French and partly in English, candidates must have a fluent and professional level of French and an advanced level of English.


French nationality is not a prerequisite.






Airbus Cybersecurity School is engaged in fostering inclusion and diversity and is committed to making all aspects of its student experience accessible.

In our training, disabilities will be counterbalanced by providing individualised, tailored solutions to make the training service "accessible" to disabled people. Our Diversity-Disability Officer will accompany you.



Application period for the Bachelor 3 student cohort opens in Spring each year via Airbus Careers online application platform.

There are a number of different steps in the application process:

  1. Application
  2. Screening
  3. Interviews & assessment: if your profile looks promising, you will be invited to an interview with our team, during which you will be able to introduce yourself and tell us more about your experiences and what has motivated you to apply for this apprenticeship programme.

Our student testimonies from last year's cohort

Airbus Cyber Security School

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The Airbus Cybersecurity School is supported by the Lycée Airbus Centre de Formation d'Apprentis (CFA - Apprentice Training Centre) in terms of quality procedures (Qualiopi certification), development council, disability officer, premises and infrastructure...


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