Challenge Completed

Congratulations to all of the teams involved for completing the 2024 Airbus Digital Challenge!

The Challenge

Selected from over 1,700 registrants, during this 3-day online event, 80 participants representing 20 countries formed international, interdisciplinary teams to address a real-world digital challenge with support from world-class coaches. 

Tackling the hottest topics in digital innovation for aerospace today, teams faced challenges on Cybersecurity, Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Resource Planning and Model Based Systems Engineering.

Participants learned new skills, discovered exclusive industry insights and grew their network among digital enthusiasts, experts and leaders while enhancing their current and future employability. Teamwork, digital innovation and knowledge sharing were at the core of the event.

What did participants say?

"We could really see how Airbus employees are excited about this event and this positivism got transferred to us!"

"It was amazing to learn in the workshops, get to know other participants, Airbus employees and very interesting challenges."

"I enjoyed getting to hear from the highly experienced people at Airbus who shared their knowledge."

"Atmosphere was amazing. I would do everything all over again."

Airbus Digital Challenge

As the proud sponsor of the Airbus Digital Challenge, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to engage with students and recent graduates and share with them how, at Airbus, we are convinced that Digital technologies are key to pioneer sustainable aerospace.








Sandra Collomb
Vice President of Digital International, Governance & Transformation, Airbus



Airbus has always been at the forefront of innovation, with a pioneering spirit that has redefined the aerospace industry. Our products bring people closer together, helping them unite and progress. Participants in the 2024 Airbus Digital Challenge worked on the following four themes and related challenges.

We have a long heritage of providing industry-leading cybersecurity solutions and consulting services to a wide range of industries including aerospace and aviation, defence, transportation, manufacturing, energy, critical infrastructure, governments and institutions. 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are designed to centralise and streamline data, facilitating communication and collaboration across different departments and functions. By consolidating information and workflows, ERP helps organisations like Airbus optimise resource utilisation, reduce manual work, and enhance overall business performance.

Today's business decisions depend on the insights that big data can offer. But massive volumes of complex and unstructured data require high-performance analytics to extract value. At Airbus, we leverage cutting edge technology in advanced analytics to provide the right information to the right people at the right time – and in a context they understand. At Airbus we see trustworthy AI as a mainstream digital capability that can benefit all Airbus employees and customers, helping to pave the way towards sustainable aerospace.

Within the fields of Systems Engineering and Model Based Systems Engineering, Digital Design, Manufacturing & Services (DDMS) is a digital-first approach to the way aerospace products are designed, manufactured and operated. At Airbus, our DDMS programme focuses on digital methods and tools for end-to-end business processes that ensure we can reduce costs and time-to-market for our products, while meeting our customers’ expectations for quality, safety and environmental performance.

The Airbus Digital Challenge was a great opportunity to get new perspectives on the real life challenges we face within Airbus. I really enjoyed being part of the event, having the chance to provide one of the challenges and listen to the interesting concepts from the participants, as well as being part of the jury and deliberating on the best idea and the best pitch.








Sophie Plazanet
Model Based Systems Engineering Deployment Leader


The Winning Teams

In addition to the learning and networking opportunities, all participants received a unique Airbus digital skills credential and some Airbus merchandise. Additional prizes were awarded for high performing participants and winning teams such as Udemy learning licences, exclusive mentoring opportunities and Airbus TOGETHERBANDS.

Neural Knights - Best Pitch & Winning Idea

Airbus Digital Challenge - Neural Knights - Best Pitch & Winning Idea

We learned that it’s really not about what you already know, it’s about the relationships you form and how much you’re willing to challenge your limits. Through our teamwork and our peers’ support it proved that innovation thrives where technology and creativity meet.

Neural Knights

AI Aviators - Winning Idea

Airbus Digital Challenge - AI Aviators - Winning Idea

This journey has been an exciting learning experience for us all. From refining our ideas through open dialogue to embracing the principles of Design Thinking, each step has been enriching, and we are glad we were part of this challenge.


AI Aviators


How did it work?

The 2024 challenge took place between 3rd and 5th April with a range of live and asynchronous sessions as well as teamwork, workshops, seminars and coaching sessions. The daily agenda was packed with relevant activities, and off-screen time was also planned as well as social and career related activities for those who wished to join.

Selected participants were invited to a pre-briefing webinar the week before the challenge and an online networking session to get to know fellow participants.

During the 3 day online event, participants had the opportunity to:

  • Join workshops on digital innovation, teamwork & pitching.
  • Attend webinar and insight sessions as well as fun social and networking activities.
  • Develop the employability skills and profile needed for cutting edge digital roles.
  • Work in international, interdisciplinary teams to tackle a real-world digital challenge with support from world-class coaches and Airbus experts.



If you have any questions about the challenge or would like to find out more, contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Airbus Digital Challenge is a 3-day online event during which selected participants from across Europe will form international, interdisciplinary teams to tackle a real-world digital challenge with support from world-class coaches.

The event will take place fully online between 3rd and 5th April 2024, from morning to late afternoon or early evening, Central European Summer Time (CEST) with a range of live and asynchronous sessions as well as teamwork, workshops, seminars and coaching sessions. Participants will be invited to a pre-briefing webinar the week before the challenge and an online networking session to get to know fellow participants.

The challenge is open to final year Bachelors, Masters and PhD students, as well as graduates with up to 3 years of experience after graduation, in IT, Computer Science and digital-related disciplines such as Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Cybersecurity, Cloud Infrastructure Technologies, Internet of Things, Systems Engineering or Model Based Systems Engineering.
Employees of Airbus, or their agents are not allowed to enter the Challenge. Students currently involved in an internship, apprenticeship or summer placement with Airbus are not eligible to take part in the Challenge unless their contract ends before 11 March 2024 and they notify

The themes of the Airbus Digital Challenge include Cybersecurity, Enterprise Resource Planning, Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence, and Systems Engineering / Model Based Systems Engineering.

Participants will engage in a range of live and asynchronous activities including workshops, seminars, coaching sessions, webinars, insight sessions, social and networking activities, and problem-solving with support from world-class coaches.

In addition to the learning and networking that comes from being part of this unique event, all participants will receive great Airbus merch and an Airbus digital skills credential. Look out for updates on more exciting prizes for the winning teams. All eligible candidates - whether selected for the Challenge or not - will be invited to apply to join an Airbus digital talent pool now or in the future.

To get started, create an account on the application platform. Once activated, applicants will need to complete their profile, respond to a short quiz about Digital at Airbus, questions about themselves, and upload a CV. They can then submit an application and be considered for a place in the challenge. Applications will close at 11:59am CET on Monday 11 March 2024.

Airbus will evaluate the applications and invite up to 100 participants for the challenges to get involved. Selected participants will be announced by 25 March 2024.

Applicants and participants are not guaranteed a job at Airbus however all relevant candidates - whether selected for this challenge or not - will be invited to apply to join an Airbus digital talent pool now or in the future.

Applicants need to apply as individuals. Selected participants will be split into teams by the organisers based on profiles and where possible based on the preferences provided in their application.

Yes, all participants are required to be able to communicate in English (speaking and writing), although their level of English will not be evaluated.

For more information or questions about the challenge contact who will respond as soon as possible.