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Government and Institutions

Always ‘on’ – worldwide secure communications services, trusted connectivity and insights for smarter decisions – anytime and anywhere – for a safer future.


Security is a diverse topic. Homeland, sites, cities or large Events security, public safety, as well as emergency response, crisis management and cyber-attacks are increasingly critical issues worldwide.

Governmental and institutional decision makers depend critically upon the support of technology, tools and systems to ensure readiness and preparedness to anticipate and respond both to day-to-day events and emergencies.

Our offering for governments and institutions is driven by the our customers’ need for secure connectivity, data & intelligence with strong cyber protection and resilience.

We provide governments and institutions with secure connectivity solutions that enable timely collaboration between different authorities.

With our data & intelligence solutions we improve situational awareness by providing data from various sources combined with powerful analytics. 

Our cybersecurity solutions provide 24/7, best-case resilience for governments and institutions. Protect, detect, analyse and respond to attacks anywhere in the world.

We work closely with various institutions (such as the European Union, European Space Agency and others) and governments around the world  on developing better and more comprehensive security solutions to meet the future demands.



Secure Connectivity

Cyber Security

Situational Awareness

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