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Rotor Magazine 124

Learn more about Airbus Helicopters’ global network, and how being closer to customers has helped operators in these unprecedented times. You can also see images of Norðurflug helicopters flying over the Geldingadalur volcano in Iceland or take at look at all the innovations that RACER has in store.

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  • Rotor Magazine 123

    Rotor Magazine 123

    NH90, on the level Download File 8.79 MB
  • Rotor Magazine 122

    Rotor Magazine 122

    Testing the future Learn more about how Airbus aims to adapt to new market demands for helicopters that are safer, cleaner, quieter and more autonomous. Download File 6.1 MB


  • Rotor Magazine 121

    Rotor Magazine 121

    Aviation safety: Our common objective There will always be room to be better until the aviation industry reaches its target: zero accidents. Download File 7.18 MB
  • Rotor Magazine 120

    Rotor Magazine 120

    Learn more about how helicopter operators adapted their ways of working to join the fight against the pandemic and how Airbus Helicopters was there to support them. Issue 120 also features the certification of the 5-bladed H145 and the much anticipated, H160. Download File 8.63 MB
  • Rotor Magazine 119

    Rotor Magazine 119

    To avoid any risk of contagion in the magazine's production and distribution chain, the 119th issue of Rotor Magazine will only be available in digital format. Download File 6.52 MB
  • UK - Rotor 118

    Rotor Magazine 118

    Download File 9.43 MB












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