As a proven leader in the global aerospace sector, Airbus designs, produces and delivers innovative solutions with the aim to create a better-connected, safer and more prosperous world.

These cutting-edge products and services – which span the commercial aircraft, helicopter, defence, security and space segments – benefit from our wide-ranging expertise and continued emphasis on innovation.

At Airbus, we strongly believe a successful business is a responsible business. Today, sustainability is at the heart of our purpose to pioneer sustainable aerospace for a safe and united world and is fully integrated into our corporate strategy. This company-wide approach is driven by our sustainability commitments, which act as a guiding light to ensure all the decisions we make today can contribute to a healthier environment and stronger communities now and in the future.



What we do


A commercial aircraft manufacturer, with Space and Defence as well as Helicopters Divisions, Airbus is the largest aeronautics and space company in Europe and a worldwide leader

Airbus has built on its strong European heritage to become truly international – with roughly 180 locations and around 18,000 direct suppliers globally. The company has aircraft and helicopter final assembly lines across Asia, Europe and the Americas.



Blended-Wing Body (BWB)

Designing the future of flight

Innovation has always been a driving force at Airbus, which promotes cutting-edge technologies and scientific excellence to contribute to global progress. Through its predecessor companies, Airbus pioneered many of the technologies that helped conquer the skies and are now part of everyday life.

Airbus encourages its industry-leading experts to push their boundless imaginations, moving the company into the Industry 4.0 era and inventing new possibilities for the future of flight: from manned and unmanned vehicles for urban mobility, to hybrid and electric propulsion systems for cleaner aviation.



Airbus Family formation flight Air-to-air

Commercial Aircraft

Setting the standards for modern aviation: safer, cleaner and more fuel-efficient.

Airbus offers aircraft and services to meet the needs of any airline, while leading commercial aviation’s transition to a more sustainable future.


Providing the most efficient rotary-wing solutions

The company’s helicopters have been delivered to customers in over 150 countries and support frontline emergency services in their everyday work.


Shaping a safer world

Airbus is a global leader in the defence sector, with  products and services which help countries protect their citizens, values and vital infrastructure.



Improving life on Earth and beyond

The company has helped advance space exploration for more than 50 years and its Earth observation satellites are improving understanding of climate change and deforestation

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Delivering solutions customers can trust

Airbus’ products and services help secure people, nations, and the environment.




Who we are


At Airbus, we believe that it’s not just what we make, but how we make it that counts.

We are convinced that our customers, investors and the communities we are working with not only ask us to create products, jobs and shareholder returns, but to promote responsible, sustainable and inclusive business practices and act with integrity.


Around 150,000

employees and 150+ nationalities


locations worldwide

around 18,000

direct suppliers globally



Executive Committee


Airbus is managed by the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. Airbus' Corporate Governance ensures that Airbus is managed according to our Regulating Laws and Articles of Association, and evolves in order to match our growth ambitions, meet our obligations and reach the goals we set ourselves. 

Our Governance strives to be a transparent body, matching the expectations of the Company’s shareholders throughout the world.

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Principles in practice

How we live our principles

We conduct our business ethically, based on Airbus values, and in compliance with all laws and regulations.

We strive for a culture of integrity in our people, partners and suppliers. To this end, we have established a dedicated Ethics & Compliance programme and organisation, to ensure that ethical and compliant behaviour is deeply embedded throughout the company, supported by our Code of Conduct and Integrity Principles.


What we stand for

Customer focus | Integrity | Respect | Creativity | Reliability | Teamwork

Six core values lie at the heart of Airbus, and these help us define not just “what we do” but “how we do it”. They are our foundation and help our employees identify with our company.

Nearly 55,000 Airbus employees participated in defining our values: We are one/teamwork, integrity, customer focus, reliability, respect and creativity.



Lycee Airbus Apprentice at work

An inclusive culture

Fostering a friendly & inclusive workplace for all

More than 140 nationalities make up the Airbus workforce and over 20 languages are spoken in our company – reflecting the diversity of the world we live in and customers we serve. Airbus activities notably promote gender balance, social equality, intergenerational collaboration, while ensuring an inclusive environment for everyone.

The company supports the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles and the UN Standards of Conduct for Business for lesbian, gay, bi, trans and intersex people, and has developed the GEDC Airbus Diversity Award, which aims to highlight projects that have encouraged more young people of all profiles and backgrounds to study and succeed in engineering.

At Airbus, it’s everyone’s responsibility to bring our inclusive culture to life, and an Employee Resource Group (ERG) called Balance for Business is supporting an even more diverse workplace.




Responsible business, sustainable development

To fulfil our role as a global citizen and help meet economic, social and environmental challenges, Airbus is committed to responsible practices within daily business life as well as to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Whether by improving the environmental performance of our products and manufacturing, conducting business in a safe and ethical manner, innovating for a better world or helping make our planet a safer and more prosperous place, Airbus contributes to at least 8 of the SDGs. The company's people and equipment also help bring aid to disaster zones through the work of the Airbus Foundation.



Airbus commitment to inclusion and diversity



Airbus Foundation Flying Challenge

Shaping opportunities

Airbus Foundation activities also educate and inspire young people, ensuring future generations of innovative scientists and engineers. Furthermore, Airbus invests in youth engagement initiatives, such as the Airbus Global University Partner Programme, and apprenticeship programmes. And once new employees have joined our company, we support the development of our people, including via the Airbus Leadership University, allowing us to foster the talent of tomorrow.

Airbus is highly focussed on the future, particularly in relation to the workforce and how it will adapt to changing dynamics in the years to come. As part of this, the company publishes a Global Workforce Forecast providing all employees with relevant data, information and analysis to better understand, anticipate and prepare the evolution of Airbus competencies. 



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Respecting the planet, valuing people, and enabling prosperity

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