Continuing the pioneering spirit

The story of Airbus Helicopters in Marignane, France began during the late 1930s.

This site has marked many important achievements over the course of its history, starting with the seaplane, to the airplane, and then into the 1960s when new chapter with helicopters was opened.

Airbus Helicopters has become a renowned leader in the aviation industry, continuing to push the boundaries in aviation and uphold the dedication to a better-connected, safer, and more prosperous world.

Airbus-Helicopter-family-flight-Behind the scene-Marignane-005.jpg

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Wrap-up o fan event celebrating the 80th anniversary of Marignane site with all employees


SNCASE : Marignane site entrance in 1940

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Download the poster collection

Over 80 images that illustrate the journey of Airbus Helicopters through the ages.