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Rotor 132

Rotor Magazine 132

Using helicopters to make the world a safer place is all in a day’s work for public service operators. In the latest Rotor, hear from the heroes performing these vital missions and the bravery behind battling wildfires, making daring rescues and protecting the natural environment. The Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation use their five-bladed H145 to perform research that will ensure better outcomes for all of their patients. This edition gets the lowdown on their latest inspiring areas of analysis and investigation as well as seeing the H135 in action for the Spanish police and mountain rescue and finding out how France’s Airtelis uses its Super Puma fleet to fight fires.

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English version of rotor issue 131

Rotor Magazine 131

Rotor is taking a special look at Airbus Helicopters’ in-service fleet. In an increasingly complex context, militaries across the globe need versatile and dependable helicopters to deliver crucial missions and make the world a safer place. Learn more about a military range that has been designed to meet the most severe challenges, plus all the usual exciting missions, stories and developments. 

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English version of Rotor issue 130

Rotor Magazine 130

As the aviation industry gathers in Paris, the latest edition of Rotor magazine looks at Airbus Helicopters’ military range and asks ‘how will new technology change the way vertical lift aircraft are used in combat?’ Helicopters play a vital role in creating a safe and united world, so innovations must be designed to meet the needs of customers and operators, who are flying these crucial missions and keeping people safe. 

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Rotor Magazine 129
Have you ever wondered what innovations are being tested in order to reduce helicopters’ carbon emissions? Or how next-generation vertical lift solutions could be an important part of the emergency healthcare chain? 
The new issue of Rotor magazines takes a close look at sustainability, featuring the freshly unveiled DisruptiveLab, Airbus Helicopters’ latest demonstrator, which will introduce and analyse technology that will lead to more efficient vertical lift solutions. We also discover some of the medical roles CityAirbus NextGen could fulfil and get expert opinion on sustainable aviation fuel from leading supplier Neste.
We also share inspiring stories from our operators who make a difference every time they fly – whether it is sharing the excitement of the Tour de France, or rescuing a troop of Boy Scouts in New Mexico.

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Cover Rotor 128

Rotor Magazine 128
In this edition of Rotor Magazine, we celebrate the 30 year anniversary of the merger that created Eurocopter – paving the way for a pioneering industrial collaboration that is still at the heart of Airbus Helicopters today. We discover the advantages of the company’s site specialisation strategy as well how we use the latest technologies to improve quality. We also take an exclusive behind the scenes look at what it means to be a stunt pilot in Hollywood, with the incredible Fred North, who has worked on some of the world’s biggest movies.

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Rotor 127

Rotor Magazine 127
This issue examines the renewal of Airbus Helicopters’ military range. Discover how helicopters will evolve as combat engagements become more challenging and how Airbus Helicopter’s responsive strategy will ensure new products like the H175M are perfectly adapted to the needs of operators. Also in this issue, as ACH celebrates its fifth anniversary you can get the inside track on the brand’s success as well as hearing testimony from some of Airbus Helicopters’ dedicated Technical Representatives – dedicated to keeping our customers’ helicopters in the air.

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Rotor 126 Couv

Rotor Magazine 126

In this issue you can get a close look at the innovation, creativity and technical expertise behind the exciting topic of Urban Air Mobility. You can also find out how an NH90 played an instrumental role in saving the lives of six sailors stranded in a storm and how H125 helicopters help keep Florida’s mosquito populations under control

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Rotor Mag 125.jpg

Rotor Magazine 125

Everything you need to know about the H135, its latest innovations, and how it is used by customers around the world for the most diverse missions.

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Rotor Magazine 124

Learn more about Airbus Helicopters’ global network, and how being closer to customers has helped operators in these unprecedented times. You can also see images of Norðurflug helicopters flying over the Geldingadalur volcano in Iceland or take at look at all the innovations that RACER has in store.

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Rotor Magazine #122

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Testing the future
Learn more about how Airbus aims to adapt to new market demands for helicopters that are safer, cleaner, quieter and more autonomous.


Rotor Magazine 121

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Aviation safety: Our common objective

There will always be room to be better until the aviation industry reaches its target: zero accidents.

Rotor Magazine 120

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Learn more about how helicopter operators adapted their ways of working to join the fight against the pandemic and how Airbus Helicopters was there to support them. Issue 120 also features the certification of the 5-bladed H145 and the much anticipated, H160.

Rotor Magazine 119

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To avoid any risk of contagion in the magazine's production and distribution chain, the 119th issue of Rotor Magazine will only be available in digital format.











Rotor Magazine 101

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A multidisciplinary military range For all theaters

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Rotor Magazine 97

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Rotor Magazine 96

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Emergency Medical Services when every minutes counts

Rotor Magazine 94


Rotor Magazine 93
Rotor Magazine 92
Rotor Magazine 92

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20 years Thinking without limits
The EC130 T2 makes its entrance


Rotor Magazine 88

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The X3 Revolution
The tenth subsidiary in India High hopes for Eurocopter India

Rotor Magazine 89
Rotor Magazine 88


Rotor Magazine 87

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Luxury and utility combined

Rotor Magazine 86
Rotor Magazine 85
Rotor Magazine 84


Rotor magazine 83
Rotor magazine 82
Rotor magazine 81
Rotor Magazine 81

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Police and homeland security
The long arm of the Law

Rotor magazine 80