The H225M is a combat-proven, versatile, and reliable workhorse

Tactical transport and utility

The H225M’s excellent payload capacity and easy cabin access – combined with fast cruise speed, long range and in-flight agility – make this aircraft the perfect tactical transport helicopter for troops and cargo.

Its large cabin and heavy-lift performance enable the rotorcraft to carry up to 28 troops. Operations are facilitated by two large sliding cargo double doors and two large sliding windows for machine gun installation.

For cargo transport missions, the H225M’s high-density cabin floor accommodates a sizeable internal load, while the maximum external load sling capacity is 4,750 kg.


Combat Search and rescue

Search and rescue (SAR) missions require a fast, high-performance helicopter able to function in all weather conditions. The H225M can achieve these missions when other rotorcraft can’t deliver, offering superior performance, endurance, range with unrivalled fuel tank capacity, while keeping an open cabin, complemented by hover-in-flight refuelling capability.
The H225’s SAR crew benefits from the real-time display of power margins and unrivalled autopilot assistance specialised for search and rescue – including SAR modes with search patterns, and automatic transition to the hover with 1-metre precision starting from any flight altitude and the use of “ground speed” mode control from cockpit or cabin.


The H225M’s high payload capacity and easy cabin access – combined with fast cruise speed, long range and in-flight agility – make this rotorcraft perfectly suited for medical evacuation and casualty evacuation duties (MEDEVAC/CASEVAC).

Up to 11 stretchers and four attendants can be accommodated. Another possibility is the transport of two self-contained medical units with attendants.

Special Ops

In addition to its core mission capabilities, the H225M enabled fast roping and rappelling on both sides of the helicopter, protected by machine guns installed in the windows. The H225M also offers unique personnel extraction capabilities with a 10-troop cluster (grappe) or basket device.

Enhanced for night and all weather operations, the H225M is be the unrivalled asset in providing mobility to special forces in all circumstances.

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