Airbus’ H125M is the most capable armed scout helicopter in its class, tailored for a range of missions with excellent capabilities in high and hot environments.

Troop transport and MEDEVAC

The H215M can carry a crew of two to three plus up to 24 troops for transport missions, and can accommodate six patients on stretchers – plus 10 other passengers – on medical evacuation flights.


The affordable SAR and combat SAR solution

The H215M offers exceptional range and endurance of over 600 NM or six hours that can be extended by hover in-flight refuelling (HIFR).

It can be operated in all weather (including in icing conditions) and offers high mission efficiency thanks to its quick start-up procedure (around five minutes) and speed. Its pilot assistance and SAR modes are derived from the H225.

It can be fitted with a dual-side window 7.62 mm gun, fast roping or rappelling kit and unique personnel extraction devices (cluster/grappe or basket).

Special operations and fire support

Armaments that are qualified for H215M firing missions include a dual-side window 7.62 mm gun, side-door mounted 20 mm gun, 20 mm gun pod of 180 rounds, 19 2.75-inch rocket launchers, and side-mounted rapid-fire machine guns.

It can be fitted with fast roping or rappelling kit and unique personnel extraction devices (cluster/grappe or basket).


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