Logistics Operations Manager, Tremblay

I joined Airbus Helicopters just over two years ago after 12 years in the retail industry where I learned the importance of close customer relationships. Today I monitor logistics and work closely with several departments that are in direct contact with our customers, suppliers and transporters. Meeting different demands every day constantly challenges us to do better. It brings us together as a team!

Cyrielle Esposito


Training and Development Manager (Employment & Skills)

After an initial experience in HR at our Donauwörth site, I joined HR Training and Development in Le Bourget a little over one year ago to help employees better understand Quality and Safety issues. Thanks to the rewarding environment created by the smaller production site here in Paris I’ve really been able to develop closer relationships to the teams, and that proximity has been very rewarding!

Eleonore Paumier


Offers and Contracts Manager

I joined the team here in Paris-Le-Bourget seven years ago, after working for ten years in Marignane. With customer satisfaction a priority for the company, I ensure that the offers and contracts we present to our customers are competitive and meet their needs. It can be challenging, but the customer-oriented, cross-functional and intercultural aspects of the job make it more than worthwhile.

Teva Surjus


Structural Design Engineer at Rotor System Stress Analysis

I joined Airbus Helicopters eight years ago, after 16 years of structural design experience in both automotive and space sectors. Today, I manage the analysis of composite helicopter blades and check the mechanical behaviour of those blades through testing. Contributing to operational flight safety in this way is incredibly rewarding and I am especially proud to have played a supporting role in the H160 certification.

Arab Moali


Test Bench Operator

After an early career in mechanics I became a Test Bench Operator and have been involved in dynamic testing now for 27 years. My job is to dynamically adjust the main blades by transferring the masses within our range of tolerances, and I take pride in ensuring that every blade to leave our site meets every one of our quality and safety standards.

Christian Van Caemelbeke


Procurement Manager

Since 2016, I have been responsible for buying both aviation and non-aviation parts and products and ensuring that there is a minimum stock available for production. Being a Procurement Manager means being in contact with people from many different sectors within Airbus Helicopters and also outside the company, with suppliers and service providers. Every day is different and exciting!

Sandrine Caligari