Mechanic H160

When I joined the Airbus school in Toulouse, I knew nothing about the world of aviation. After three years of vocational training though I knew it was the career for me. On sabbatical from Airbus Commercial, I have been an H160 mechanic in Marignane for over a year and really enjoy my job. I’m proud to be part of such a supportive team and contribute to such a great product!

Chloe Messembourg


Manufacturing agent at the electrical service centre

Ten years ago, I decided to change careers and join the world of aeronautics, a field that has always fascinated me. After seven years as a temporary worker in my department I was hired to work with a team in charge of manufacturing, repairing and modifying harnesses. This position has also given me the opportunity to work on innovation and I am proud to have played a part in prototype development.

Christel Garcia


Test Engineer at the Airbus Helicopters Vehicle Test Centre

As a pilot, I love aeronautics, and the opportunity to work on complex and innovative flying machines is what first drew me to Airbus Helicopters. After an initial five years in customer service, I moved to aircraft testing where I have spent the last 12 years in a job I love. It has given me some great opportunities to see first-hand just how important testing is to the safety of our aircraft.

Benoit Legras


Production technician leader

For five years, in addition to managing technical issues and supporting operators on a daily basis, I have also been a tutor and technical referent. This means I play a significant role in helping younger staff develop their skills and obtain certifications. By passing on my knowledge I can ensure that work standards remain high and contribute to the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.

Alain Diez


Fitter/assembler in the Innovation Prototype department

After a two-year apprenticeship and ten years on the Tiger and NH90 FAL I joined the prototype department where I have contributed to assembling the very first Tiger and NH90 series aircraft, H160 prototypes and more recently the RACER, technological successor to the X3. Adjusting the parts and integrating the equipment that enables these innovative projects to take flight inspires and motivates me every day.

Baptiste Suc


Flight test instrumentation manager

After studying in Argentina, I started my Airbus career in Madrid. It wasn’t until 2008 that I discovered flight test instrumentation, moving to Marignane in 2012 to focus on product design and development. Today, working on aircraft like the RACER, I am constantly inspired by our ability to innovate and find solutions, even in the most extreme conditions, and feel privileged to be involved.

Carla Lebena


Flight Test Engineer

As a test flight engineer, my role is to test new prototypes, extensions to the flight envelope and new equipment in flight, alongside the pilot and test mechanic, and in close collaboration with the Design Office. I work to ensure that helicopters leaving our production lines comply with their certification definition in flight and are safe and satisfactory for our customers.

Setareh Taheri


Leader H225/H225M

In my role as leader, I have managed manufacturing activities and dealt with non-conformities for almost two years, working with employees from all support professions. The diversity of my job means that every day is different, and the challenges are diverse, but I take great pride in helping to resolve issues that ensure the smooth running and quality of the product.

Vanessa Durant


Team leader in basic composite part moulding

After a few years as a plumber, heating engineer and electrician I joined Airbus Helicopters nine years ago to work with composite materials. Drawn to the forward-looking technology and high-precision work, I spent two years as a composite fitter before becoming a moulder. Today I work on some amazing projects and am especially proud of my involvement in moulding the first carbon fibre arches for the H160.

Remy Folco


Development Contract manager MSCF (Military Support Centre in France)

Drawn to the complexity and diversity of helicopter systems I joined the airworthiness department in 2007. Working on certification, I learned a lot about the helicopter life cycle and systems, but joining the MSCF in 2016 has brought me closer to both aircraft and customers. It’s really inspiring to help my team find solutions and provide support for all military users in so many different situations.

Christophe Bouzon


Logistics Manager, Distribution of Spare Parts

10 years ago, I left the world of automotive spare parts to join the logistics department at Airbus Helicopters. Since then, I’ve seen amazing progress in terms of industrial approach and customer focus at Airbus. Working with multidisciplinary, international teams is exciting and I’ve been able to set up and optimise spare part distribution processes that really contribute to customer satisfaction.

Yann Permingeat