Development Engineer for Rotor System Design

I joined the special designs department at MBB/Eurocopter in the 80s, developing composite components for a wide range of projects at a time when there were very few female engineers. From planning and prototype development to flight tests, Airbus has given me the creative freedom to develop my leadership and team building skills. I’m really proud of everything we have achieved here!

Christine Mueller


H135/H145 FAL Mechanic

After a three-year apprenticeship as an aircraft mechanic I joined the H135/H145 FAL in 2016. With great colleagues and a supportive environment, it didn’t take me long to realise I’d found my dream job. Working with the team to find solutions and develop ideas is inspiring, especially when we get to see the end product in action (e.g. Helionix systems). I love the challenge and variety of what I do!

Barbara Peiker


Dock manager in Tiger MSC

After ten years as a maintenance mechanic in Spain, I moved to Germany in 2012 and joined the Airbus team. Drawn to the diversity of the complex Tiger weapon systems, I began by working on the Tiger FAL before moving to my current position four years ago. As a manager I have faced many challenges, but Airbus’ continual support for occupational health and safety has been inspiring.

Esteban Palanca-Bassols


Door Assembly Line Mechanic / Electronics Technician

With several years of training and experience in electronics/mechanics and a lifelong love of aviation technology, joining Airbus was a dream come true. Working with a coordinated team to test and measure the safety of aircraft parts, I really admire the company’s attention to detail and investment in cutting edge technology. Our achievements and commitment to aircraft safety are an inspiration!

Tolga Dinal


Student training supervisor

After vocational training at MBB and experiences across several departments within Airbus, I became a vocational trainer in 2006. From 2009 I spent seven years setting up a combined study programme before taking on my current role six years ago. Today, I have an amazing job supervising 54 students in four different disciplines and recruiting new apprentices. The possibilities here are endless!

Friedhelm Widemann


H125/H130 MCA Mechanic

Trained as an industrial mechanic, my first experience with Airbus was a temporary four week riveting course when the H125/H130 activity was moved to Donauwörth in 2020. Today I am cross-qualified to work on both aircraft MCA and really enjoy my job which can be surprisingly versatile and diverse. Knowing that I had a hand in the finished product when I see the aircraft in flight makes me so proud.

Franziska Wagner


Chief Test Pilot in Donauwörth

A test pilot for 20 years now, I joined Airbus in 2006 and have been in charge of helicopter testing throughout Germany for the last 12 years. Responsible for both military and civilian projects I fly every day, and each test flight involves at least 10 people interacting on board or remotely. The teamwork can be quite a challenge, but the satisfaction of seeing our helicopters in action is priceless!

Volker Bau