Forewoman, NH90 Assembly Line

In addition to general workshop management, I connect Support and Production departments (Design, Engineering, etc.) with operators, coordinating them to ensure that modules are delivered on quality, cost and time. Since I took this position earlier in the year, the opportunity to link departments and production has been both challenging and rewarding, with teamwork the key to success.

Yolanda Codina

José Luis Garcia

Tiger Project Manager

In my 16 year career as Project Manager I have supported the development of the Spanish Tiger and been active in the creation of the Tiger Software Support Centre (CSST), enabling the Army to modify its own combat helicopter fleet. As an engineer, I really feel that I am contributing to the defence of Spain and building a stronger Europe.

Jose Luis Garcia

Maria José

Head of Training and HR Support

I took on the role of Training Manager with the HR department two years ago. In addition to planning and supervising training, my job is to ensure that people have the skills, knowledge and abilities they need to perform to their best ability. It’s really rewarding to actively support people on a daily basis and manage so many different situations.

Maria José López


Service Bulletin Engineer

Since joining the Support Engineering department three years ago I have supported the NH90 fleet by working on service bulletins for helicopter operators. These documents are key to maintaining continued airworthiness, applying modifications, designing improvements and other optional features. It makes me proud to know that by ensuring their accuracy I can really contribute to the safety and availability of our aircraft.

Victor Lobete


General Accounting and Budget Control

I have worked in finance at Airbus Helicopters for 21 years across many different sectors. Today, I control annual expenses and am involved in planning future budgets. I also provide the accounting data used to analyse plant profits, which have a real impact on management level decisions. Being part of such a great company and contributing to the success of our range of products is a real privilege!

Ángel Cortés Marcos


Supplier Quality Manager

One year ago, after 13 years in production, I decided to make a change and took on my current role as a focal point for quality issues with external suppliers. My job is to guarantee the quality of the final product by ensuring the quality of the base product, which means looking into supplier processes. This can be challenging, but also fascinating as it’s a job where you never stop learning!

Paula Espasa