After establishing an initial presence there in the early 2000s, Airbus continues to expand its profile in Poland while building on a century of Polish aviation heritage.


Airbus’ long-term commitment to the country is visible through a scope of activities ranging from design, prototyping, manufacturing, maintenance, upgrades, research and development, exchange of technology, to cooperation in the space industry. The company employs over 600 high-skilled staff members in Poland at three locations: Warsaw, Łódź and Gdańsk.

Commercial Aircraft and Defence


Near Okecie airport in Warsaw, Airbus runs a, production plant, design office and MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) centre providing services to the C295 fleets of Poland, Czech Republic and Kazakhstan. Due to the company’s industrial commitment and information-sharing, some 40% of airframe components in all C295 aircraft sold globally are produced there. Furthermore, about 70% of all electric harnesses for the transport aircraft manufactured by Airbus are manufactured in Warsaw.

The factory in Warsaw also is responsible for the production of aerostructures for A330 and harnesses for A320 and A330 Family airliners – contributing significantly to Airbus’ global supply chain. Moreover, engineers from Okecie have designed and developed PZL-130 Orlik aircraft for basic and advanced training of military pilots.

Altogether, Airbus has delivered 16 C295s to the Polish Air Forces.

C295 Polish Air Force



Building on a decade-plus-long partnership with Lodz University of Technology, Airbus in 2015 launched an engineering design office in Lodz. It was the fourth such R&D facility established by the helicopter division in Europe, following those in France, Germany and Spain.

The office deals with a wide variety of mechanical design tasks, focusing on the future breakthrough technologies in areas such as rotorcraft aerodynamics, transmission, rotor and blades. The design work in Lodz involves military and commercial helicopters, new-design platforms, and modernisation of existing rotorcraft types.

Underscoring the effectiveness of this partnership, Airbus and Lodz University of Technology teamed up to develop a range of innovative products – including whirl tower rotors for a hybrid helicopter; drive shafts for large, multi-role helicopters; a revolutionary drive system for light helicopters; composite blades; and new-generation helicopter seats.

Engineers across Poland also contribute to some of Airbus’ flagship research programmes involving rotary-wing aircraft – including the company’s H160 medium utility helicopter; CityAirbus, which is producing an electrically-powered VTOL aircraft demonstrator in the frame of Urban Air Mobility; and RACER high speed demonstrator developed as part of the European Union’s Clean Sky 2 civil research programme.

A dramatic view of the CityAirbus all-electric, four-seat multicopter vehicle demonstrator.

CityAirbus is an all-electric, four-seat, multicopter vehicle demonstrator that focuses on advancing remotely piloted electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) flight.



In 2015, Airbus established a Space Commercial & Program Department to initiate production activities in the space sector. The core business of the department includes electrical harness and MSGE design, manufacturing, testing (visual, tensile, electrical, isolation, continuity, resistant using Kelvin method) and integration. The manufacturing process is performed on the 3D Mock-up (GSE), which concept, design and manufacturing.

Airbus built a 500m2-clean room area in Warsaw to ISO 8 and 7 standards for manufacturing spaceflight components and spacecraft integration; MGSE and future production of telecommunication satellites.



This Airbus subsidiary dedicated to Flight Operations & Air Traffic Management Solutions has an office in Gdansk, a new European aerospace hub located on the Polish coast.

The site, specializing in Aero Data and Software Production, is leveraging a local talent ecosystem that develops, produces, and delivers state-of-the-art flight ops products and solutions, driving airlines' operational efficiency and supporting sustainable aviation.

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