In today’s world of rapidly evolving global security challenges, the ability to collect, analyse and utilise data for decision-making and response is more important than ever.

By applying its leading-edge digital capabilities to Multi-Domain Military Operations, Airbus provides seamless integration solutions that connect mission-critical military platforms and systems worldwide across all domains: air, land, sea, cyber and space.

Airbus is there every step of the way: from information downlinked by its Earth observation satellites and airborne platforms to powerful computing resources based on artificial intelligence, along with securing the servers where this information is stored and shared. When forces are deployed, Airbus has the solutions as well, with helicopters, airlifters that are increasingly connected in the battlefield.

The capabilities of Airbus are highlighted at Eurosatory 2022

These solutions are be showcased at Eurosatory 2022, the international defence and security exhibition, which takes place at the Villepinte Exhibition Centre near Paris from June 13 to 17. Airbus will be present in Hall 5A, exhibit stand # C181.

Eurosatory scenario

Preparing, training…and defending against cyber attacks

In response to cyber-attacks that have become a daily threat and are increasingly sophisticated, Airbus Defence and Space has developed the MTLID defensive cyber warfare system to secure military networks and protect data. It has monitoring, warning, detection and response capabilities that identify the origin, target, criticality and impact of such attacks, enabling them to be countered with a suitable response plan.

A key to defending against cyber-attacks is being ready for these threats through preparation and training. The CyberRange advanced simulation solution from Airbus CyberSecurity easily models information technology (IT) systems and operational technology (OT) systems with of 10s or 100s of machines and simulate realistic scenarios including real cyber-attacks. CyberRange is used by administrators, integrators, testers, trainers and others to design virtualised or hybrid networks, emulate unit activities such as communications between two machines or to launch complex scenarios reproducing a realistic activity.

A portfolio of unmanned airborne platforms


Acquiring relevant information from secure sources to supply command and combat systems is vital, and Airbus has a varied portfolio of unmanned airborne resources to meet this need.

The versatile, high-endurance Aliaca unmanned aerial system (UAS) enables missions from three to six hours to be conducted over ranges of 50 to 100 km, and is perfectly adapted to sensitive missions in severe environmental conditions with gyro-stabilized EO/IR payloads. Launched by catapult, Aliaca concludes its flight by landing automatically using a dedicated net landing solution. This UAS utilises a powerful, yet silent, electric motor, and also exists in a version with thermal propulsion. The French Navy is receiving 11 Aliaca systems (incorporating 22 of the UAS), with deliveries initiated in 2021.

Also offered by Airbus is the compact and discrete VSR700 unmanned helicopter, which can perform a broad range of missions ranging from cargo to armed reconnaissance at sea and over land. It offers the best balance of payload capability, endurance, and operational costs.

Interoperable intelligence and secure communications

Dependable intelligence gives commanders the insights to make the right decisions at the right time. For more than 30 years, Airbus has delivered actionable interoperable intelligence that enables responses at greater speed and with greater certainty. With proprietary access to the world’s leading satellite constellations – including Pléiades Neo, which has an optical resolution of 30 cm – Airbus supplies sustainable satellite imagery and data solutions.

Pleiades Neo image

The Secure Communications business of Airbus Defence and Space specializes in mission-critical voice and high-speed data communications on land, at sea and in the air. Bringing together the most comprehensive satellite communications bandwidth with best-in-class capabilities for network services and solutions, the division has proven experience and expertise in managing everything from network operations to in-field support services and training means.

Multi-Domain Combat Cloud

Among the most critical challenges faced in a congested and contested battlefield is the ability to connect and securely communicate across all domains.

To meet this challenge, Airbus is developing new technologies and solutions that provide decentralised, cyber-resilient, collaborative information networks across the air, land, sea, space and cyber domains using cloud-based technologies.

The resulting Multi-Domain Combat Cloud (MDCC) enhances defence power through information superiority, enables collaborative combat with manned and unmanned teaming assets across all domains under human supervision, making military operations more efficient and effective.

Airbus’ MDCC covers all domains: air (connecting assets for next-generation air power with the Future Combat Air System), land (a connectable Land Combat Cloud based on an intelligent open service architecture), sea (smart, seamless and secure ship-to-shore, ship-to-ship and inter-domain connectivity), space (dependable, resilient satellite communications and space-based intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance), and cyber (end-to-end dynamic protection and advanced cyber capabilities).

Combat Cloud


Airbus Helicopters in action for intervention and support

For intervention on the battlefield, rotorcraft solutions from Airbus Helicopters include the H160M. As a true multi-mission platform, the H160M is weaponised for light attack operations, and can quickly be reconfigured for duties that range from commando infiltration to air intercept, fire support, anti-ship warfare, along with search and rescue operations.


In scenarios requiring troop transport, air support and logistics, Airbus’ H225M is a true multi-purpose and versatile asset, operating from both ships and land with an all-weather capability supported by night vision goggle compatibility. The helicopter’s outstanding 700 NM range can be extended with air-to-air or hover in-flight refuelling capabilities.

Responding to evolving conditions in the battlespace

On land, at sea, in the atmosphere and into space, Airbus’ digital expertise enhances the speed, agility and mission effectiveness of command and control for systems, sensors, aircraft and deployed forces.

As timely mission planning and execution is more essential than ever on the battlefield, the solutions from Airbus ensure agile response, along with improved situational awareness and ever faster decision-making.