The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day – #ChooseToChallenge – not only provides a perfect boost for what is a year-round effort, but it is the ideal opportunity to reflect on the role women play in business and the importance of improving gender diversity.

“This day is an ongoing journey reminding government, businesses and everyone else that society has come a long way,” said Susan Breton, Head of Inclusion & Diversity at Airbus. “In countries where women once could not vote, they can now lead such countries. While women once faced restrictions on where they worked, they are now running corporations. In many parts of the world, they have rights that their grandmothers could only have dreamed about. However, much remains to be done and progress is slow.”


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Breton added that International Women's Day – observed today, 8 March – is the opportunity for everyone to renew their commitment, evaluate and push issues that are most relevant for the progress of women. She continued: “For me, every day is International Women's Day.”


A commitment to gender equality

Airbus has a strong commitment to making progress in promoting a more inclusive environment and enhancing gender diversity and inclusion.

Different initiatives have been put in place to support the development of women, including a “Balance for Business” platform that oversees various employee resource groups – all dedicated to promoting and raising awareness of inclusion and diversity topics from gender diversity and culture to disability. In addition, there are flexible working policies for parents/caregivers and recruitment strategies for new female talent.


For me, every day is International Women’s Day.

- Susan Breton, Head of Inclusion & Diversity at Airbus


Several official commitments also have been endorsed, including the United Nation’s seven Women’s Empowerment Principles – which are designed to empower women in the workplace, marketplace, and community.

Despite this, the gender balance evolution over the past five years has been slow, from 17.4% women in 2015 to 18.7% by the end of 2020 – making it even more important to celebrate the company’s female employees and the fantastic contribution they make. That’s why this International Women’s Day, Airbus is calling on everyone everywhere to make this day one that truly makes a positive difference for women.