Providing logistical support around the globe

As more and more Airbus A400Ms join the Spanish Air Force’s fleet of aircraft, this military service is working to expand the capabilities of its next-generation airlifter while further increasing mission diversity.

The A400M is a “big jump” for the military service according to Colonel Melecio Hernández, Commander, Wing 31 of the Spanish Air Force. “It means that we will be able to reach farther destinations; provide support to our air force, our deployments and the rest of the air forces; and we will better serve our nation in our international commitments,” he explained.




Increasing capabilities

Spanish Air Force A400Ms are used for logistics missions, supporting operations in Africa, the Middle East and Italy. In addition, they have been deployed as part of NATO training exercises.

“For sure, the A400M is a great platform, but we have to improve our capabilities,” added Hernández. This includes planned outfitting for medical evacuation (medevac) missions, as well as air-to-air refuelling of the Spanish Air Force’s Eurofighter combat aircraft – with more capability campaigns set to follow.

In total, the Spanish Air Force has ordered 27 A400Ms from Airbus – of which eight have been delivered to date. 


This testimonial was provided before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Spanish Air Force interview on A400M capabilities