Improving capabilities across the board

Airbus’ A400M is flourishing as a key logistical asset for the Royal Malaysian Air Force, bringing next-generation technology to a broad range of missions since the first delivery in 2015. 

The Royal Malaysian Air Force – which ordered four A400Ms – primarily uses the four-engine aircraft to transport passengers and cargo (particularly heavy cargo), while air-to-air refuelling trials have underscored the potential for new mission applications.


The A400M really improved our capabilities – strategic and technical – because the aircraft is bigger, the performance is better and we can carry more and heavier payloads, and fly longer and faster.

– Lt. Col. Baharin Mohamad


The A400M also is a key component of Malaysia’s humanitarian operations, including its support for neighbouring Indonesia after a devastating earthquake and tsunami in 2018. The Royal Malaysian Air Force has invested significant resources to ensure it can assist in the event of a natural disaster anywhere in the region.

“We feel very satisfied because with this aircraft, we were able to perform the (Indonesia) mission successfully and safely,” added Baharin Mohamad.

The Royal Malaysian Air Force has ordered a total of four A400Ms from Airbus.


This testimonial was provided before the COVID-19 pandemic.