Amsterdam – Airbus SE (stock exchange symbol: AIR) has provided restated 2019 financial figures to reflect the adoption of a new segment reporting structure for “Transversal” activities, as was already announced during the Full-Year 2019 results disclosure presentation.

According to IFRS standards, reportable operating segments should mirror the way the Company's top management reviews the performance of the business. In April 2019, Airbus introduced its new management and governance structure. The activities related to innovation and digital transformation, which were formerly reported in “Transversal”, are now included in the business segment “Airbus” under the new segment structure. “Eliminations” will continue to be reported separately.

The internal financial reporting has been modified accordingly since 1 January 2020. Starting with the upcoming Q1 2020 results disclosure on 29 April 2020, financials will be presented under this new segment reporting structure.

Comparative information for the quarterly 2019 restatements is now available on the Airbus website via the following link:

There is no impact on revenues per segment, while the impact on EBIT and EBIT Adjusted per segment can be seen on the restatement document via the website. The restatements do not change any 2019 figures at the Consolidated Airbus level.

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