Airbus is streamlining and consolidating its activities in Italy



Rome, 4 September 2019 – Following shareholder approval and its registration in the Chamber of Commerce, Airbus’ Italian space subsidiary Space Engineering has officially changed its name to Airbus Italia S.p.A.. Space Engineering is adopting the Airbus logo as its single visual identity.


Serafino D’Angelantonio, Chairman and CEO of Airbus Italia said: “The change announced today consolidates the presence of the Airbus Group in Italy, strengthens the sense of belonging of our employees and will offer us new growth opportunities in Italy and internationally. Our highly skilled team of 120 people will remain focused on cutting edge solutions and technologies from our headquarters in Rome.”


Space Engineering, has been a 100% Airbus Defence and Space company since 2015. It is a leading Italian space company with 30 years’ experience in space technologies. An integral part of Airbus Space Systems, it operates in the satellite telecommunications sector, developing applications for the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile terminals for airborne, train and land applications, RF components and ground modems. Over the past few years the company has evolved and now has significant experience in design, engineering, simulation, prototyping, integration and testing of space & ground systems. It is also working on a number of large Italian and international space programmes. Space Engineering also holds a significant number of international patents related to antennas, radars, scientific software and digital signal processing. Payload Engineering and Assembly, Integration and Test capacities complete the assets of this European key player in the space business.


Airbus Italia’s Assembly Integration and Test facility is located in Rome, in the Tiburtina area, and is dedicated to the validation and qualification of on-board and ground components, equipment and subsystems for space applications (antennas, repeaters, baseband equipment). The 1,200 m2 plant includes:


  • Anechoic Chamber 12 x 8 x 7 m for testing up to 50 GHz
  • Climatic Chamber for testing in range -75 to 180°C
  • Thermal Vacuum Chamber for testing in range  160 to 180°C
  • Clean Room of 250 m2 ISO-8
  • Test equipment suitable for measurements up to 70 GHz
  • Motion & Attitude Simulator for mobile terminals
  • Digital, RF and Mechanical Laboratories


Since 1989, the company has been involved in major space programmes including: Meteosat SG, Radarsat-2, Galileo, telecom satellites for Eutelsat and Astra, COSMO-SkyMed, Alphasat, Eutelsat Quantum, and EDRS SpaceDataHighWay satellites.


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About Airbus

Italy is a very important market and source of partnerships in all areas of Airbus activities, from Commercial and Defence & Space to Helicopters. With over 400 local suppliers, Italy is the 6th European market and the 8th at global level. The industrial partnerships of the Group in the country are worth approx. EUR 500 mln, generating over 1,400 direct and 8,000 indirect jobs.

The Group is directly present in Italy through its subsidiary Airbus Italia S.p.A, (formerly Space Engineering) with headquarters in Rome, specialized in space systems and technologies, and Airbus Helicopters, with activities in Verona and Trento, following the acquisition of Aersud, its long time distributor in Italy.

Airbus holds important shareholdings in Italy including NHIndustries (62.5%), ATR (50%), Eurofighter (46%) and MBDA (37.5%). Airbus actively participates in the development of the Italian R&T sector with public and private partners.

Italian carriers operate over 90 Airbus A320 and A330 Family aircraft. With more than 250 helicopters in service, Airbus accounts for 32% market of Italy’s civil and parapublic helicopter fleet.

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