Airbus has developed a comprehensive avionics enhancement package for A320 Family aircraft called the In-Service Enhancement Package (ISEP) This new package will help A320 Family operators adapt their fleet to compete in the increasingly challenging market conditions of today.

ISEP is a compilation of fully proven Airbus Service Bulletins, selected for their impact on residual value, and key airline drivers such as OR (Operational Reliability), DMC (Direct Maintenance Cost), Spares costs, weight reduction and importantly operational savings such as reduced fuel burn, through optimized route determination for example. It provides a core platform for bringing earlier aircraft to current production standards in important areas and is designed to bridge the gap between previous and later deliveries in terms of operational performance.

"Operators can use avionics evolutions as a powerful lever to achieve greater operational performance. ISEP is an innovative Airbus response to fulfilling the needs of our customers, who face ever challenging economic conditions in conjunction with air traffic growth", said Charles Champion, Executive Vice-President, Airbus Customer Services.

The package was formulated to enable a step change in capability in two key areas: Air Traffic Communications and Navigation. Concerning Navigation, the new Required Navigation Performance function (RNP) for example, contributes to the reduction of track miles and makes flight operations more flexible, thus reducing delays, flight cancellations or flight diversions.

ISEP also provides the foundation for the requirements of future Air Traffic Management systems such as the Future Air Navigation System (FANS B). FANS B is designed to optimize aircraft to Air Traffic Control communication, improves data management, reduces crew workload, and produces more efficient flight movement reports.

ISEP offers opportunities for a quick return on investment thanks to operational savings, fleet harmonization, compounded by a positive effect on residual value.

ISEP was developed under the leadership of Airbus in close collaboration with a number of major Airbus suppliers, thus enabling an integrated, low-risk, and economically attractive solution for Airbus customers. Available to A320 Family operators worldwide through Airbus Customer Services, ISEP is an innovative and effective solution for enhancing navigation safety while minimizing aircraft operation and in-service costs.

With proven reliability and extended servicing periods, the A320 family has the lowest operating costs of any single aisle aircraft in the same category. Over 5000 Airbus A320 Family have been sold and over 3000 delivered to more than 200 customers and operators worldwide, making it the worlds best selling single aircraft family ever.

Airbus is an EADS company.