DaimlerChrysler and Lagardère SCA, two of EADS' core shareholders, have announced they entered into simultaneous transactions aimed at reducing by 7.5 percent each their respective stakes in EADS. EADS was consulted and views these steps to increase the free float of its capital as a very positive development for all shareholders.

DaimlerChrysler has described its transaction as a forward sale agreement on approximately 61 million EADS shares with a group of international investment banks. The DaimlerChrysler Group said it will be lending these shares to the banks in anticipation of the settlement of the forward sale.

Lagardère SCA has announced it will issue Mandatory Exchangeable Bonds subscribed by IXIS CIB. In turn, IXIS CIB is selling forward a large majority of the underlying shares to a group of French institutional investors. The EADS shares deliverable at the maturity of the bonds represent a maximum of 7.5 percent of the capital of EADS, or approximately 61 million EADS shares.

DaimlerChrysler and Lagardère have also noted that, under the shareholder agreements, the balance of control between the core shareholders in EADS' corporate governance remains unchanged.

As part of these transactions, JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley are expected to place a total of approximately 73 million EADS shares, including approximately 12 million shares on behalf of IXIS CIB, with institutional investors by way of an accelerated book-built offering.