The reliability of any satellite depends on the quality of all its parts.  With supply chains changing in light of world events, Airbus is looking at alternative European-sourced satellite equipments that will also introduce innovations.

During the world’s most prominent space industry gathering, the International Astronautical Congress, Airbus and Exotrail inked an agreement for integration of Spaceware™ - mini thruster , Exotrail’s new 300W to 600W class electric propulsion system, as part of Airbus’ Earth Observation satellite platform portfolio. The agreement targets purchase and delivery of the 300W thruster version at completion of qualification activities in 2024 following a fast-paced new product development.

S 250 platform

S 250 optical platform - Copyright Airbus

These new Spaceware thrusters from Exotrail could, for example, equip Earth Observation satellites based on the S-250 platform (i.e similar to CO3D) to support Airbus exports worldwide


Philippe Pham, SVP Head of Earth Observation and Science, at Airbus, stated: “Airbus is paving the way for what’s next in space with this agreement on the next generation of electric propulsion for our mid-size Earth observation satellites in low Earth orbit. It will enable further improvements in design flexibility, compactness, competitiveness and production times. We are thrilled to be working with Exotrail, a very successful European and French start-up.” 

Exotrail’s CEO, Jean-Luc Maria, stated: “Being selected by a leading satellite manufacturer like Airbus is a honour for Exotrail. Supplying electric propulsion to one of the first satellite manufacturers to incorporate this technology in its commercial offering is a big step for our company”

In conclusion, this agreement further underscores Airbus’ belief that the entire space community needs to work together to deliver the best possible space technology.

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