Embracing Respect at Airbus

“Respect” guides all of our daily interactions – with each other, with our customers and even with our products. Aircraft Assembler and Values Ambassador Geoffrey Purcell echoes this view: he believes that respect is at the core of everything he does, not only at work but also at home. 

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“Respect needs to come from top down but also go from bottom up”, he says. It’s about creating a working environment where all employees are listened to and valued. It means treating other team members in the same considerate way you would like to be treated yourself. Looking after the work area and removing any hazards as part of his day to day role is fundamentally about respect.

“Open and honest communication”, Geoffrey says, are key to building a respectful environment in which trust and transparency thrive. In this environment, polite criticism can make us better. 

Our Airbus Values are a journey, not a destination; we’re always moving forwards and evolving.  “It is important we continue to live, learn and embrace the values into the future”, in his words. This opinion resonates with our belief that everything begins with respect, and we thank him for sharing his story. 

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