The Friedrichshafen, Germany satellite integration facility features unique cleanroom technology for satellite preparations

Culminating two years of construction involving some 450,000 working hours, Airbus’ new Integrated Technology Centre at Friedrichshafen, Germany was officially inaugurated this month.

It sets new standards for the production and testing of Airbus space systems, incorporating 4,200 square meters of cleanroom space for the assembly and processing of spacecraft, their instruments and systems for use in missions that range from Earth observation and meteorology to navigation, astronomy and the exploration of deep space.

At the heart of this four-storey Airbus Space Systems site is a central clean room integration hall. Sized at 2,100 square metres, it can accommodate the construction of up to eight large satellites – as well as accepting large space telescopes with its ceiling height of 18.50 metres. In addition, two side wings of the facility have a combined area of 1,100 square meters for systems integration, well as laboratory areas for component manufacturing and a visitor centre.

Clean room technology for the central integration hall enables purity classes from ISO 8 to ISO 5 without the need for partitions.

Also included in the Integrated Technology Centre are facilities for thermal, vacuum, and vibration tests, along with chambers for the verification of electromagnetic compatibility between satellites and their systems.

One of the Integrated Technology Centre’s features is its sophisticated, high-tech ventilation system, which contributes to the highly clean working environment required for spacecraft and their sensitive instruments. Unique in Europe, the ventilation process decreases operating costs by up to 70% compared to conventional technology.

The new centre continues Friedrichshafen’s heritage of satellite development for Airbus, which has included assembly of the Ulysses solar probe, the Rosetta comet hunter and the BepiColombo mission to planet Mercury.

Watch the video for additional details on Airbus’ Integrated Technology Centre: