New agreements announced this week highlight its attractiveness for the aviation sector

With the announcement of two key agreements earlier this week, Airbus further underscored the success of its Skywise digital aviation data platform – which aims to become the single platform of reference used by all major aviation players to improve operational performance and business results.

Launched last year in collaboration with Palantir Technologies, Skywise provides users with a single access point to their enriched data by bringing together aviation information from multiple sources into one secure, cloud-based platform physically hosted in Europe.

The first agreement announced this week, signed by Airbus and FPT Software, will strengthen development of the Skywise ecosystem in Asia and includes an ambitious training programme for both third-party users and software developers.

easyJet opts for Skywise

The agreement with FPT Software was made public the same day as Airbus’ new five-year pact with British operator easyJet to provide predictive maintenance services for its entire fleet of nearly 300 aircraft, using technology that relies on Skywise. This activity builds on extensive trials with the platform that allowed easyJet engineers to remove components before faults occurred, limiting delays and cancellations as a result.

Skywise is able to analyse data from other components on easyJet’s aircraft thanks to the installation of Airbus’ new flight operations and maintenance exchanger, called FOMAX – which collects 60-times more data than existing systems. The new equipment will be fitted on easyJet’s fleet by summer 2019. 

The more data that is shared with Skywise, the more accurate its predictions and models will be for all users. Deliverables are tailored for each user and include scalable services (such as analytics, apps and APIs) that can be used by Airbus, customers, and suppliers – ensuring complete data continuity with benefits across the entire value chain.

  • For more details on Airbus’ new agreement with easyJet, read the press release