Airbus is committed to improving the level of service offered to its helicopter operators. The recent digitisation of quality documents via the e-ordering tool of the Keycopter customer portal is another step toward fulfilling that commitment.

Starting from March 2017, customers will benefit from an electronic signature service for quality documents associated with their e-orders, such as EASA Form 1 and the Certificate of Conformity.

The Keycopter e-ordering interface is used by customers to:

  • search the spare parts catalog

  • create and track orders

  • search for documents such as orders, quotations, and invoices

  • The new electronic signature service will enable quality control to sign and generate release documents electronically, before spare parts are packed for dispatch to customers. These documents will now appear both on the inside and the exterior of the package. They can be downloaded from Keycopter at any time by the customer.

    This improvement ultimately contributes to improving spares and helicopter availability. Its rollout will begin with European and American customers, with other regions following from the second half of 2017.