• SPOT6/7 observe the filling of the new reservoir

As captured by SPOT6/7, the filling of the Lom-Pangar Dam reservoir was completed on 17th August 2016. 6 billion m3 of water is contained in Cameroon’s largest dam reservoir. It is located downstream of the convergence of the Lom and Pangar Rivers in the east of the country. With the 30 megawatt hydroelectric power plant, the region’s energy map will be significantly altered. In addition to the industrial and economic development project, the dam is able to regulate the annual flow of the rivers.

Two before and after SPOT6/7 acquisitions, show the extent of the new reservoir. The first image acquired on 17th December 2014 shows work in progress on the dam. The second, from 22nd October 2016, shows that filling is completed and full reservoir.

Lom-Pangar - 2014/12/17                                           Lom-Pangar - 2016/10/22